Today, I went snowboarding for the first time. Aside from falling every 2 minutes, I was apparently showing the entire mountain (including my dad) my thong every time I fell and got back up. My boyfriend saw everything and didn't let me know until we finished the 20-minute run we were on. FML
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  Iamnotfat  |  16

When my wife and I snowboard we wear lots of layers and yes, if our butt was exposed, we would feel it.

But perhaps OP just thought that it was her lower back area that was exposed as she was getting up from the fall each time, being outside in the cold sometimes numbs your senses, making it difficult to tell.

  stormy0307  |  16

He also said he has a boyfriend, he's a gay man. Not trying to be offensive, but that sort of thing tends to happen within that group (I have some gay friends).

By  BestOrginalName  |  22

Oh, God. I can relate to this FML so much. Went snowboarding for the first a month ago and I managed to fall on the side of one of the trails. Luckily, I was hanging onto the edge and there were others around, so they pulled me up.

Loved the experience. :)
The constant falling and near bone-breaking parts, not so much.