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Today, my husband pooped the bed for the second time since we've been married. We've been married a month. FML
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and you didnt know he had this problem prior to marrying him? did you two not live together before then?

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and you didnt know he had this problem prior to marrying him? did you two not live together before then?

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That's more of an fml on his part than yours. He must be SO embarrassed and ashamed. And his WIFE posting an FML about sure wouldn't help. I think maybe you should be more supportive and see if there might be something wrong with him or some way to prevent it from happening again instead of acting like YOUR life is ******. >.>

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metalman69: Not everybody lives together before getting married. There's still some conservative people out there. OP might or might not be part of those few. Just saying : )

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I lived at home until I got married.

Everyone just assumes the wife's life is ****** and the husband's is just dandy. There could be a medical issue BEHIND this, lol. (Couldn't resist) But seriously, get that checked out.

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14 (bananasticker) is the husband? huhuhu

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yeah, whenever he sees your breast he gets explosive diarrhea

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Damn. This is a good argument for living together before marriage. Try the milk before you buy the cow... (Let the conservative vs liberal bashing commence..... This can only be resolved *deep booming voice* by Mortal Kombat!)

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bananasticker just made a very good point !

i totally agree with #14 he is your husband and you should support him and it would be embrassing for him probably

Medical condition or not, that's still disgusting. F both their lives. ugh

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*ahem* Shit happens. HAHAHAHAHAHAZZZ!!! Iz B SoOoOo FUNNEHZZZ!!!!!1!1!1!!!1!1!2!

Damn you, RPS! *shakes fist* Some Mortal Combat knowledge would really come in handy right now.

ydi for getting married at the age of 4 :D

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1 not everyone lives with their future spouse before marriage. some families even forbid such a thing... like mine. OP is probably in a family with a few beliefs similar to mine.

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I agree with you.People need to live together before marriage because life is very different when a couple lives under one roof for the first time.It often can make or break a relationship.And where's the fun if your not living together until marriage.

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13 it's always sunny in philadelphia the best most under appreciated show in history.

@tweetbaby14 - some people live together before marriage, some don't. Personally I think the latter is the more risky approach, but that's just me - everybody needs to evaluate that for themselves. Having said that: it's your life, your family doesn't get to make that decision for you - you need to take charge of your own happiness.

17 exactly and why would a grown man shit the bed?

You don't need to live together before you marry. In fact, couples who live together before marriage are 88% more likely to get divorced. No thank you. I'll wait until we're married before I move in together.

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@17 That would be very embarassing on the husband's part.

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@117 You must be feeling brilliant for thinking that one up. And your horrid grammar, capitalization, and punctuation combined repels me almost as much as a man who poops himself in his sleep. Although I do not blame the husband.

#14, why should SHE be the one to have to try to fix the problem? It's him that's been ******** the bed, not her, so maybe HE should see a doctor/buy some adult diapers/etc. The fact that it seems he hasn't cared to address the issue before now speaks volumes, as does his failure to disclose his 'problem' before the marriage.

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That's disgusting. FYL indeed.

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make him watch that Sesame Street video that little girl watched in the other FML

How come you never noticed this before?

Have you asked him if he has a diaper fetish, or enjoys infantilism? He could be DL. does one actually shit themselves in bed unless they are an infant? If he has very relaxed muscles or something, that's one thing, but he would actually be aware of such a thing and thus would have taken extra precautions. This is one FML that has seriously boggled my brain with the sensation of WTF?

I can think of two possibilities off the top of my head: 1) Too much alcohol. Passing out can lead to losing bowel/bladder control, and 2) An undiagnosed back injury. If he's got back or leg pain, OP, get him to the hospital ASAP. Loss of control is a symptom of a severely pinched nerve, similar to an erection immediately after an injury. Without treatment, permanent, disabling damage is possible.

My brother in law ***** himself at work all the time because he is constantly drinking and only eats something solid every 3-4 days.

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Must be a medical problem or drunk or on drugs...

Your husband has either one digit or three in his age. Jokes aside, if you didn't know about it, he probably didn't want you to dislike him for that. Be supportive OP, he may have a medical condition.

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I agree. I would support him, but insit that he either wears diapers/pull-ups to bed, or have to separate beds in the same room.

I thought it was "popped" in bed when I read it the first time. I read the comments, and learned that the situation was poop. Gross.

Thats what you get for skipping a step in the relationship guide. It goes 1. Get to know the person, date, fall in love etc.. (important to find out if you are compatible) 2. Move in together and live together for a little while (learn any annoying traits they may previously have been hiding during the step 1 and subsequently learn if said traits are dealbreakers or not) 3. Get married and live happily ever after.

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You forgot to collect underwear!

Even living together before marriage, will not guarantee a good marriage. I however agree that getting to know someone prior to getting married is best.

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Some people don't believe in moving in before they get married... Now what?

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Technically you aren't supposed to live together until after you get married.