By udnrizh - United States
Today, I got a weird feeling about the account balance in my savings account. Turns out my fiancé has been using my account to order random items whenever he likes. This account is my savings for college tuition and related expenses. FML
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  EffinAhole  |  0

Depending on how much keesh we are talkin about this really isn't that bad of an offense to leave the dude. It's always "leave em" or "sue em" on here. If it was a couple hundred get over it... couple grand FYL.

  Phustercluck  |  11

It's a breach of trust, and if one can assume that OPs fiancé knew specifically what that account was for, then that's just...I dunno, he's obviously not marriage material if he's being so inconsiderate.


Eh, I don't necessarily agree, Anna. I've gotta vote NEI on this one.

If he didn't have legal access to the account, she should definitely reconsider the marriage. It might even be possible to file ID theft and get the money back that way. If they had already merged bank accounts (a big if, since if they had, she'd have known he wasn't spending his own money on those purchases), it could've been a careless but genuine misunderstanding on his part. Maybe they didn't discuss that the money was going to continue to be set aside for school. Those things should be discussed before a marriage, IMO.

Either way, OP should reconsider saving the money in that particular way. Maybe a treasury CD or some other, more restricted account is a wiser idea.

  DjeePee  |  24

Sharing? Is that a new word for stealing?

And what is wrong with all the people discussing about the amount of stolen money? That matters, but not that much in this case. It's not that important whether her fiance stole 20 or 200 dollars, the real issue is him stealing money. Nobody wants a thief as fiance. With reason.

  nature_girl_08  |  14

because it is absolutely a STUPID idea to have your finances separate when you are getting married. it just leads to problems, because nothing is "ours", it's "yours and mine." yes, having a separate savings account strictly for her college fund is great, but there is no reason that she shouldn't have entrusted her soon-to-be-husband with the information to the savings account, especially if he had planned on helping her, which is usually what spouses do when it comes to money. there was either a misunderstanding on their part, as OP not explaining to him what the money was being used for, or he was a untrustworthy ass who used the money for selfish reasons. if it's the latter, then i really hope she booted him out the door.