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Go into the bathroom and clean the toilet with his toothbrush then be like "this isn't what it looks like"


Just like you? HAHA just kidding!

Lets hope you don't end up with pink eye, OP

#48 it says on your profile you like stuffed animals. It seems that you need to get stuffed.

#48- What a horribly mean thing to say to a person, even for the internet. Why? What need of your's was filled by such a low brow insult to her? And, out of no where? What the hell is the matter with your type? Why add more hatred and resentment to the world?

#1. Ah my apologies. I didn't mean for it to sound so offensive. It was a horrible attempt at trying to be funny. Sorry about that.

I like that whale in your picture 64..not! I actually do though...

#48 Don't know how I'm going to recover from that one...

#1 yeah if you ENJOY PINK EYE!! Lol jk

What am I missing? I see "that's cute" ," then just like you".. Where is the insult? I must be stupid this AM cuz it's way over my head

I think he/she meant 57. Now his comment was rude.

He was only joking need to make it into such a big deal.

I think she's cute.

Omg get some thicker skin that's not mean at all.

"oh really? Looks like i wont be in the mood for sex anymore"

If he is damn near shitting on her pillow i don't think he cares.

#3 "Then it's exactly what it looks like"

One of those girls huh?

True love. He just wanted to surprise you with a lovely case of pink eye. Fuck edible arrangements!

Same here. "I thought that was just your musk!"

Odorable arrangements?

Now thats what marriage is all about

Go into the bathroom and clean the toilet with his toothbrush then be like "this isn't what it looks like"

..... Kind of comment is this??

You better hope that wasn't your pillow

The FML says that it was hers.

#10 did you not read?

....The fuckle? Hope he remembers which he did that to, or else he's gunna be the one having fun with pink eye.

Going to* As both "gunna" and "gonna" are slang and mean the same thing, I don't see how your correction is valid.

If you're gonna go slang, you might as well go 'finna'. It's more common in lower socioeconomic areas for all the wannabe OG's, it's a plausible typo for 'gonna' so you can laugh at people for being street ignorant, and it's still a contraction. All things we love / hate.

56- I'm finna thumb you up yo!