But… why?

By Fmylife - 06/07/2011 09:17 - United States

Today, I have a cold. Trying to clear out my stuffy nose, I tried putting mouthwash in my nose. Thinking it was an awesome idea, I put some more in. I then starting screaming in pain due to the extreme burning in my nostrils. FML
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how would putting mouthwash in your nose clear mucus? I've never heard of that before.

gatorsgirl 0

boy you are a dumb shit!


how would putting mouthwash in your nose clear mucus? I've never heard of that before.

Sounds pretty retarded...

what kind of meds did you take op?

I wonder why it's called MOUTHwash.

well isnt your nose and mouth connected? so its kinda the same thing right?

What part of putting mouthwash in your nose sounded like a good idea?


garrettsgirl 0

it's called MOUTHwash for a reason OP. if they ever cone out with a nosewash you can use that but that probably will never happen

enonymous 8

Snorting rice in a bag marked cocaine is the only cure

nasal spray... used to help stuffed noses

43, but then you'd have to sell your soul to your mother

enonymous 8

46 - most of us did that... it's cocaine!!!

41.. I think they will invent this thing you speak of... if I were them, I'd call it nasal spray!

You actually ****** yourself on purpose.

33, do you drink milk using your nose? or eat jelly beans with your nose? no? Thought so.

aye i suppose... but you probly could drink milk with your nose if you tried it mate... how do you know you cant?

LotsaLaughs 5

I know!

hey stoooooopid

92, If you did it through the nose that would not be called drinking . . . that would be something else. That could be possible, but what about the jellybean part? lets make it interesting and throw in a burger.

:/ well unless you got a set of teeth up your nose then a dont think a burger would be possible... but a jellybean? hmm i might try it... ill get back to you on that

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They invented stuff for a stuffy nose. Ever heard of Mucenex (or whatever it's called)

83- Is that picture from Combat Training or Local multiplayer with a huge time limit?

does no one remember that part of dennis the menace?? idiots!

TraceCase_ 19

41 and OP, it's called a Neti Pot and it uses saline solution. Nice and gentle.

dude WTF!!! your name is gayboi??? And yes your mouth and nose are connected. but does that mean you would put colgate in your nose next time you smell bad breath

You are too stupid to even be a Darwin Candidate.

Here is another home remedy for you OP... next time you have diarrhea, stick a tampon up your ass. 100% cure.

188 - yes that is my name... but what does that have to do with my comment hunni?

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Hey OP. I've heard Tabasco sauce does wonders to clear up stuffy nostrils.

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Hm. I guess now nasal spray is the new mouthwash since people are putting mouthwash in their noses.

God you're stupid....

epic fail...lol

epic fail...lol

Spray expired pepper spray in your eye, I heard that's the best cure.

the "nose wash" is called a Neti pot! and that's exactly what it's used for!! clearing the nasal passage - duh

Everybody knows you're supposed to use bleach. Kills the virus/bacteria.

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OK so what a dumbass! That's all I can say about op!

gayboii every time i read your comments there so funny because they dont make any sense, how are the mouth and the nose the same thing, everything is connected so basically your saying your nose, mouth, ears, and ass hole can hear, eat, smell, and shit. Im sorry its just a little bit retarded to say such a thing.

reading FMLs like this I realize how incredible stupid people are...

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who does tht??? that has to be one of the stupidest things ever....

It's called MOUTH wash for a reason OP >.>

johnrdz3 24

you should've ate something spicy to make your nose runny.

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Wonderful idea.


They should really WASH that idea out of their head! AWFUL PUN FTW!!!

you would think they put the word "mouth" in mouthwash for a reason.

Exactly, what made you think MOUTHWASH would clear up your NOSE?? Come on now. YDI

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to be honest mouthwash isnt the best thing but you can get little bottles where you sqwirt a liquid into your nose and it clears it... FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!

Does it smell as good as it tastes?

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boy you are a dumb shit!

I assume he's going to follow a career in bio-chemicals?

girl you are a dumb shit?

Speaking of shit, I hear mouthwash also clears up constipation!

Lauren10102 3

and all this time I thought it was nosewash....

**** is wrong with this guy?!

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God Bless you.

I once tried putting hot sauce on my tongue thinking it would make my nose run like it usually does but it didn't work

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Mouthwash even stings my mouth... How did you survive with it stinging your nose? :$

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well if it semi burns your mouth it's going to burn your nose !! jaha dumbdumb!!!!

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that was a crazy idea mouthwash is for bad breath not colds.

hey as long as it works. it worked, right?

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it's a new medical breakthrough!

I wonder if it worked

that "bro" is a chick

If you were the real whiteboy7thst you would've said ARE YOU STUPID?

or he would've said "you stupid black magic practicing gypsy!"

balest22 0

7- is tht your Gamertag too? I think I have seen you on here

pandemic0774 2

aren't you that guy from youtube whiteboy7thst?

it doesn't have to be a guy that you call "bro", smart one.

no offense but you have to be extremely stupid to even try this.. but I heard vodka works too.. ?

ha! that sounds like a fun night out! and a great excuse if you get hammered!

That0therguy 4

I think it might be whiskey that does it...

sccrismyantidrg 4

No no you guys. It's hydrochloric acid that does the trick.

^ That would suck if someone was gullible enough to try HCl acid. 0_o That'd be a whole new FML!

hahah YDI. Dumbass

LolMoqz 10

What ISN'T he on?

nessaspissed 0

he's on mouthwash:D

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Well I heard he sniffin up on that mouthwash

guys I'm pretty sure op is a girl...

RoseIsMe 0

Aw man I didn't notice the comment before mine or that op was a girl.. Sorry guys :-/

and a blonde :D

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what is SHE* on

LolMoqz 10

I meant to say *she, but it didn't let me because of "Anti-Flood Protection"