By roommateprobssss:( - 11/12/2012 15:57 - United States

Today, my roommate pressed "snooze" on his alarm 14 times. I counted. FML
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Hiimhaileypotter 52

You should've poured ice water on him. Cliché, but effective.


MrClean17 15

I'd be pissed if my roommates woke me up when I was trying to get 10 last minutes of sleep.. Or 60

Bobskittens1 12

Or OP could just kill him! Muhahaha >:D

StalkerChick 13

Ugh my boyfriend does this. I usually punch him after the 3rd time pressing snooze. Or start using some pretty foul language.

Bobskittens1 12

OP should have just turned off the alarm themselves.

Get up in between snoozes while the room mate is sleeping, and unplug the clock :D

#32 I second that. Either turn it off or wake him up. Laying through that is ridiculous.

lincolnkite 6

My roommate does for 4 hours. It is horrible. Starts at 3am goes till 7.

Today, I decided to see how many times my roommate can stand me pressing that "Snooze" on my alarm. Turned out that after hitting it 14 times, I could not bear the sound first. FML

Takuya272727 16

My brother asked me to wake him up once. Little did he know I would make sure he was awake. Some pots and pans later... He was up and ready to go.

Go outside and start your day instead of listening to it

blcksocks 19

Yeah but what if the alarm first went off at like 4am. I would be pretty pissed.

yeah why you starting at your roomate while hes trying to sleep lol do you need this person for something? enjoy your day or wake him up.

tj5810 21

What if OP works opposite shifts and was sleeping... I'd be pissed if I had to deal with that.

kleider1 9

I used to do that. Now I jury got a clock radio and leave the radio on so that I don't go back to sleep. You should tell our roommate to respect you sleep!

Hiimhaileypotter 52

You should've poured ice water on him. Cliché, but effective.

I wonder if replacing the roommate's clock with a one that sounds like real gun shots would work?? Milliondollar idea? I don't know, one way to find out OP

I would personally Gibbs slap the person awake.It always works for me.

Can't that send a person into shock?

Lol just unplug it in the middle of the night

Unplugging is good. I'd just change the time to "p.m." Instead of "a.m."

BlueFlatts 20

I'd have put a bowl of ice water next to the alarm so he would hit that instead.

debbster7 18

My roommate used to do that all the time, I until I got up and threw her alarm out the window.

iOceanus 18
hewro_failure 11

I hope you bought her a new one because you had no right to destroy her property no matter how annoyed you got with her...

26, 1) How else will they learn? 2) Alarm clocks aren't expensive.

And 3) Look into acquiring a sense of humor.

Go punch him in the face 14 times. And make him count.

olpally 32

Go pour hot water on him to wake him up.

~ Because waking someone up with burn injuries is a great idea! ~

Hell, if that's the case, why stop halfway? Light his hair on fire!

olpally 32