By anonymous / Wednesday 8 June 2011 06:55 / United States
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  llCHR15ll  |  0

I don't see what's so gross about this. a maturing woman bleeds from her vagina every month and us men don't complain.
I'm gonna say what my boss used to say to me: "just deal with it!!"

  DjeePee  |  24

It's so funny that you compared a daily shit with a monthly period, and the 'we men don't complain' is even more funnier, I almost laughed with that. See if you're about to complain if we refresh our bloody, stinky tampon in front of your noses, because that's just gross. Shitting with the door open, revealing all your nice sounds and smells to your spouse is also just gross. At least, that's my opinion.

  llCHR15ll  |  0

ok I don't have a witty comeback for both your comments. I will just accept that I have been silenced by the woman who has a fear of being gassed and the crazy cat lady. good day.

  NYC_Yoshi  |  3

bloody tampons, loud smelly shits... who cares? we're all dirty humans, and if you're not comfortable enough to shit in front of your significant other, you're still worried about them judging you (which extends to other parts of the relationship).

  kosherkraut  |  5

47- oooooh. burnnnnn.
56- its not that I'm worried about being judged, its that I have enough respect to not subject my boyfriend to watching me pull a bloody tampon out of my vag. He also has enough respect not to subject me to his disgusting smelling shit.

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