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Today, my grandkids went around my house claiming items to inherit. FML
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Tell them you're donating it all to charity.

MichellinMan 20

Goddamn young whippersnappers.


You're not writing this from the grave are you? That would be spooky...

ashalayx 13

you werent dropped on the head as a baby were you?

Most of the time it has to do with that others don't share the same kind of humour or don't understand sarcasm. If beeing dropped on the head as a baby would always be the explanation I think it means we all have very bad mothers.

Zimmington 21

I just hope they haven't claimed her bones yet because I want those for an.... umm.... experiment

Yeah cause she's the one with the bone that's important for you ? #necrophilia

ThatFancyPenn 18

Some kids need a taste of the old-school parenting!

32- A Weeping Willow branch. Or, to my mom, a "switch".

Zimmington 21

37- Your comment gave me flashbacks we had a willow tree right in front of our house. ouch!

My options were usually belt or wooden kitchen spoon...

Zimmington 21

You mean to tell me that greedy selfish grandchildren didn't exist when you were a kid? Amazing...

56, your picture looks like a reasonable reply to the original comment

ThatFancyPenn 18

It's not kiss in this generation, just the fact that we have the internet to hear about them.

MichellinMan 20

Goddamn young whippersnappers.

Tell them you're donating it all to charity.

cryssycakesx3 22

previously you mentioned letting a girl pick out a doll and make her watch as it was donated. I think OP should do the same thing.

They seem to like what you have, and that's really rare considering this generation is all about electronics and stuff

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Being old doesn't mean you don't have electronics who knows they could be walking around claiming ops flat screen tv.

aedan12 15

@49 This. My granddad is in his 80s and he's more up to date on technology than I am.

I'd be kinda worried to what your children are teaching there kids....

Do you honestly have nothing better to do than spot grammar mistakes? Hope catching that simple mistake makes you feel better about yourself.

Obviously many more people than just him noticed your mistake, judging by the downvotes.

cryssycakesx3 22

it takes but a second and it is very personally rewarding.

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It* if you're going to put a period after a sentence then capitalize the first word

I love how people correcting me aren't even using proper grammar either.

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FML is not the place to fight...

Rainhawk94 27

Great now the reptile is preaching to us

With all the horrible troll elderly FMLs we've seen, you old farts fully deserve to have the tables turned on you. And by "you old farts" I mean "we old farts". Get off my lawn.

go suck his dick elsewhere. we don't all need to see that.

Meaningful comments, gentlemen. Too bad they don't have thumbs up and thumbs down buttons to indicate if you like or dislike someone's comment, you could have just used those

57 - Hello Pot, nice to meet you. I'm kettle.

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That's horrible and disrespectful! I wouldn't give them anything after that... Or I would have given them something really crappy that they don't want...

Zimmington 21

Like a book about manners, socks that don't match, an empty matchbox, & house slippers the dog has been chewing on

That's very disrespectful, I didn't even get the chance to know my grandparents but if I did I would treat them like royalty

When my grandparents were in their 80s, my grandmother started asking family members what we wanted when she and my grandfather died. It was uncomfortable at the time, and we'd usually try to change the subject, but finally some of us started naming one or two things that had particular meaning for us, and doing so made my grandmother really happy. When my grandfather died, my grandmother got rid of a lot of things when she moved to a smaller home -- but she made sure not to sell anything that family members had indicated they'd want. And when she herself died a few years after that, she left a list of who got what specific things, so those of us who were helping to move out of her home knew what to bring or send or save for whom. It was hard for us while she was asking, but it actually did make things easier after their deaths, and the picture from their kitchen that my grandfather and I would appreciate over breakfast whenever I visited them now hangs in my room, where I see it first thing every morning and remember my grandparents. All of this is to say that while this FML doesn't sound like OP's grandkids were being at all respectful, for some people it *is* a sign of respect to have family members choose specific inheritance items before there's a death, and a way for them to know they'll continue to be a presence in their family's lives.

My Granny did the same - from when we were very young. Fortunately Granny lived another 30 odd years but I look with love when I use Granny's purple dresser that Pop actually made. Yep, its purple but I love it and I know Granny chose it just for me.

RedPillSucks 31

But if the grandparent themselfs are raising the issue then chances are they didn't ask the grandkids.