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Has anyone thought, maybe the old lady is hard on money? If she's having a yard sale we can't JUST assume she's got too much junk and wants room. Maybe she's having difficulty affording meds that keep her alive?


71: She very well could have been selling a ton of old photos, and OP only mentioned theirs personally. There are definitely creepy people out there, but I just feel like we should give this woman the benefit of the doubt...

  TogeBara  |  12

People use random photos for all sorts of things. My father once met with a guy trying to scam him, rather than showing a picture of his only son through his house, he bought a bunch of photos from someone like OP's grandma. He ended up getting the man arrested when the guy tried to open an account in his daughter's name. Ofc my father has no daughter, but these things have endless uses. One being shady deals, the others being artists works and such.

  stellamahone  |  4

#2 while I agree it is weird to sell such photos and even more weird for someone to purchase the photos I don't think calling his grandmother a bitch is not right. I find it highly disrespectful.

  danthehuman  |  29

And I'm a man. If we combine our powers, your bat and my man powers, we can maybe make it up to the top of the building and turn on the bat signal for batman to come and buy some baby pictures.

  MrSassypants  |  32

Did #62 just turn on himself? That would be like if a person on the FBI's most wanted list saw himself on the news and was like "Man, I really hope they catch that guy."

  pjsr  |  32

I think we can reasonably assume OP is not posting from the yard sale. We also know FML is not a real-time website. Even if neither of those were true, this isn't an advice column.

  Shrike  |  22

Who died and put you in charge of deciding what the comments section is all about? If he wants to give some advice, he can do that, and you can deal with it. Comments like his are infinitely better than the drivel you just posted.