By no one - 19/06/2011 18:46 - United States

Today, my back hurt really badly, so I decided to stay in bed. After a while, I sat up to shut the door. When I leaned over to reach it, I fell off my bed and face-planted the floor. After picking myself up and getting comfortable in my bed again, I realized the door was still open. FML
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1 jdwnettles got lost on the way to Youtube.

My personal favorite is: Shut the fuck up. No, seriously.


Suxx... well it could have been worse

you didn't check the door before you got back into bed? why?

thats like dropping an object, picking it up, dropping it again and picking it up again. the feeling sucks man.

when you are in pain, some things can slip your mind

Probably because he was to busy screaming and crying in agony and keeping himself from falling again. Just a thought. Damned doors suck, try using force fields OP

get a sex change and start living life

27 what the he'll does that have to do with anything? Why don't you shut the fff...ront door!?

what the hell does "what the he'll" mean?

gota love short term memory loss

What the he will, common IPhone mistake. Proof Steve Jobs is atheist?

it means they were corrected by a phone or computer obviously

maybe if op wasnt so eager to get back to masterbating then he would of remembered the door was still open.

Abuela Grande make it all better! Mmm kiss kiss ;*

it's shut the firetruck up not shut the front door

112 people have different ways. personally I've only heard shut the front door.

My personal favorite is: Shut the fuck up. No, seriously.

It's happened to all of us haha

Has it I think I would remember that

I'm pretty sure this has never happened to

um....yea pretty sure everyone goes to do something then forgets what they were going to do.

I didn't faceplant trying to close a door.

I just meant something like this has happened to all of us.... gotten up in the middle of the night on a mission, gotten distracted, gone back to bed, gotten comfortable then remembered what you forgot to do.

It has happened to us all they just trollin'

honestly that has happened to all of us they just say that stuff to make us look stupid.

now your back AND face hurt lol that sucks

And the door is open...

well that's not pleasent

idk why you got thumbed down. you're right lol

This is considered a fml?

(*facepalm*) awe sorry op hope you feel ok soon!

I second that facepalm, lol

I hope your back gets better!!!!

10 people dont know what "you deserved it" means.

1 jdwnettles got lost on the way to Youtube.

#11 this is not YouTube

87- do you ever read YouTube comments?

87- on YouTube comments where people say "20people misclicked the like button" stuff like that. think before you post please.

87 does know that. Clearly he told that to 11 an is basically saying the same thing as 12

that was your own stupidity

yeah, and im also wondering why op wanted the door closed so badly..?