By ashsaunde - 08/12/2013 06:58 - United States - Denver

Today, I got to spend all of my time scrubbing poop off the walls and carpet because my 2-year-old decided he wanted to 'paint mama a picture.' FML
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Hey OP here! First off, thanks for publishing this. It's the first one I've ever submitted. Secondly, yes he was finger painting with it as well as wiping his butt on everything in his room. We're in the middle of potty training so he thought he was helping by cleaning himself off. I also had to clean him and all of his stuffed animals up because he got it EVERYWHERE. Yes, he did get punished in an appropriate way because he's not gonna know it was wrong unless I teach him. And to the comment that I said I need to watch him better, it was while he was napping in his room. Any parent knows you can't watch your kids constantly.

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Taking finger-painting to a whole new level.

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Actually babies' poos are more acidic than that of an adult.. it may be liquid but not water based

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and #1 OP never said finger painting. For all we know OP's son could have just smeared his ass all over the wall and declared it a new form of modern art.

finger-painting? more like finger-pooing haha am I right? i'll go kill myself now...

#18: It's a one sentence FML, and it's possible for it to be interpreted different ways. I'm going with finger-painting, since it's taught in early childhood to promote hand-eye coordination. Most two-year-olds would know not to wipe their butt along the ground at that age.

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Who knows maybe there is a monkey see monkey do situation with a dog OP may or may not have... I was just giving a hypothetical.

Haha! All the shitty comments get likes yet the one funny one is in the negatives.

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Does your kid have no sense of smell OP?

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Sounds like it turned out to be pretty shitty.

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Please we all know childrens art sucks from ash trays to hand drawn pictures of mommy & daddy

No, OP's child is a renaissance kid. He recreated the shit-stine chapel.

Or Maybe the kid just wanted his mother to be the painting , I am pretty sure her face was like the "The scream" .

Everyone's a critic. You can't just scrub off a masterpiece that brings beauty to the original inspiration. You know that's how Michelangelo got started. Yep, humble beginnings...

Terrible twos! The joys of being a parent!

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My two year old did that to. I made her help me clean it. The next time I made her clean most if it while I supervised. The third time I made her clean all if it. She didn't do it a forth time.

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Well at least he wasn't trying to depict you in the photo.

Бандаж жужжу уж удел узелки жуткие де клуб жутко?

That's one way to get parents to acknowledge your art.

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Good thing the little Picasso only gave you a painting, rather than his ear in a box...

Sounds like somebody needs to learn about the time out chair

Punishing a child for doing something they didn't know is wrong is a terrible thing to do.

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But then again rubbing your shit on the wall is also a terrible thing to do

No. It's how they learn the difference between right and wrong. 2 is a good time to start.

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#29 I seriously hope you're joking.How do you think they learn right from wrong?Because you punish them when they do wrong.

#59 and the carpet, don't forget the carpet

Let me clear up what I meant. I meant that you shouldn't put the kid in a time out but you should let the kid know that it's not appropriate to wipe shit on the walls. If the kid does it again while having knowledge of the rules, then punish the kid.

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Please no one say that damn pun... I will smack you across the face... Have fun scrubbing op, so glad I don't have kids yet. Haha.

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What you mean its a "shitty situ" *has throat cut in mid sentence*

My mom wanted me to have one of those?! Revenge? All these cute kid stories are making me want to get permanently fixed