By thammer - 24/03/2012 13:20 - United States - Appleton

Today, at my grandmother's funeral there was a fight about inheritance. It was my teenage daughters arguing about what they get when I die. FML
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I think someone needs to go to military school for the next couple years. ;)


sorry for your loss OP! tell them they get nothing and drag them out of there drop them off somewhere secluded and let them find their own way home (to their rooms forever)

Leave everything to your dog or a rabbit or something. Biggest slap to the face.

No, people tend to steal the money that is left for pets, not a good idea. Leave it to someone who will take good care of it at least, like Batman.

Just remember to hire someone to take care of the pet that's not vengeful.

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29 dude, can you stop spamming advertisements on every FML that's posted? You aren't important enough to even try.

Why did 16 get thumbed down..? I personally love batman.

As the great Mr Wonka once said "You get nothing! You lose! Good day sir!"

33- because superman came and beat batman's ass

61- Let's disregard the obvious for a moment. Batman once beat Superman to within an inch of his life. Granted, he was using knuckle dusters made from kryptonite but still he kicked bottom nonetheless.

Tell them they're gonna inherit an ass-whoopin'. |the kid|

And I bequeath to you; A boot to the head.

this sounds like my family :( my sympathies, OP

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I can only imagine how annoying that would be. Straight up disrespectful!

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I only thumbed you up because of your picture.

I only thumbed you up because your username.

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I thumbed you both down because... I can.

nice kids you got there.. feel sorry for you, that would be really embarrassing.

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That's so embarrassing I couldn't even imagine

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That calls for a good ass whooping. Spoiled ass kids these days. I've lost all hope for humanity.

I think someone needs to go to military school for the next couple years. ;)

Who knows, maybe they just have a hard time handling death and that's their mechanism. Some people use comedy, some denial, and probably a million other ways. But let's face it, most likely just teenagers being idiots.

Unfortunately that's the way the whole world works.

As hard as this may be for you to believe, there are civilised people in this world. OP's daughters are not among those people.

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Yes, CIVILIZED people are hard to come by. not correct me when there is nothing to correct. In the UK it is spelled civilised not civilized. But nice try.

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It's all about the money, money, money We need your money, money, money Just trying to make the woooorld dance It's all about the priiiiiiiiice tag.

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LOL you should troll them, and in your will donate EVERYTHING! And when your old say things like humm this Coffey table would look good in your home ect...

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You could say they split everything 50/50, but it would be smarter to say the good one gets a lot and the bad one gets stiffed completely. Then, let them compete for the rest of your life to see who the "good one" is.

And then give both nothing but just a picture of u flippin the bird. Awesome afterlife troll :)

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She should take a crap in a bag, and let them have that.

And let them get pissed when you give it all to your niece. Who dies *unexpectedly* a week later.

that's why I'm going to be burned inside my house with all my possessions when I die

could give it to salvation army instead.

I agree with 92, but not to the salvation army. When you think you will die, sell the stuff and donate the money to cancer reserch.

That's why I'm going to be burned in my house with all my children when I die.

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Let those greedy ingrates live on the street,leave them nothing but a tent.

Just tell them you plan on blowing their inheritance on expensive vacations. And no, they don't get to come along.