By tikizombie - 31/08/2010 00:04 - Canada

Today, I went with my family to go see a notoriously creepy abandoned house. We noticed the people had left a lot of stuff behind so we loaded up the car with books, records, etc. As we were leaving, we saw the family who lived there drive up. I robbed a house with my grandma. FML
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FFML_314 11

That is an interesting family outing. My family and I generally go to the park or the roller rink. Your family engages in criminal activity. Right on, OP.


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milakitty21 0

hahah that's awesome...I bet granny knew all along ;)

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Next time record the whole experience on film and play it back while listening to Yakety Sax. It will all be worth it then.

put the stuff back you creepy family of thieves!

Graawr 7

give them back they're stuff and say you made a mistake. :c

oogyboogy 6

judging by #1 picture i bet shes really bright /sarcasm

oogyboogy 6

judging by #1 picture i bet shes really bright /sarcasm

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FFML_314 11

That wasn't thinking, 51. That was typing. I think what he's trying to say is it's better to be safe than sorry. The chances of someone living there are greater than not, if the house is filled with stuff.

linx468 8

The question is, why would you take their stuff even if it was abandoned and they didn't live there anymore, I mean, that still is sort of stealing, as abandoned or not, you have no right to take other peoples past or current possessions. So YDI for basically stealing.

ShorTiE4LyFe 0

52- Well you kinda have to think to type...

FFML_314 11

He was referring to what he had just stated. I don't know about anyone else, but I can't hear or see other peoples thoughts. So, that was not thinking. It was typing.

fyourlife1990 0

Firstly, Go return the stuff OP. Secondly, This isn't IM or MSN. So stop having chat sessions on FML. Or you will be banned. Thank You

tooGee24 0

hahaha that's freakn awsome=].

this is the same OP of an FML posted yesterday, the damage deposit OP i wonder what kind of shinanigan you'll get into tomorrow!!

kidwiththehair12 0

judging by 50. he/she's a cat

Graawr 7

Is it me or the op here and the other fml about moving out of his old house before this fml has the same name? tikizombie?

every1 who was arguing about the logic behind this was less than stupid. But i would have to believe that if i went to a notoriously haunted house and saw free stuff i would spend a lot of time thinking "i wonder who owns this stuff" i wud b thinking "hey free stuff… cool" wat i wud do in ur position OP is put a note on the stuff leave in by front door and ding dong ditch

Igor_g5 0

#74. Very observant. I think Tikizombie is just making stuff up to post on FML.

IphonFML 6

11 its actually navy and yes i completely agree

UpYoursInAdvance 0

well 49 Nd 50 I guess you aren't too bright by posting the same thing twice.... ***BEEP*** Try again!

UpYoursInAdvance 0

67 So who are you to this site?!

Granny got tired of baking that family cookies without pay.. :p

And YOU are going to ban them? Also, are you gay? Because from your profile pic it kind of looks like it.

skull_candy 0

#67 your mouth and face are very long. you remind of "Scream"

u no u Comit a fellony so just post it on a website viewed by millions thats smart I hope u go 2 jail

Samko_chan 5

Well 51 the chances of that happening are slim to none. OP is an idiot and you can't justify their actions with hypothetical situations.

oh shut up preppy. they obviosly didnt care enough to lock the doors to thier own house. and stop dumping on the granny. i admire this grandma. ;)

if they moved and left that stuff. then they no longer wanted/needed it. free ground

#91. That's just what happens to people when they treat the website like a chat room. I don't need to be FML Staff to know what the rules are. #114. Yeah that's usually what happens when people open their mouths. It stretches.

AshDramatiicsxz 2

60: As someone who practically lives on the Internet, I cannot agree with you there. Unless "yoooo wassup :)

#52 you can't type a reply without thinking, so next time try to tune into the logical part of your brain first before responding.

#108 shut up about gayness its not funny asshole

Typing is just a visible way of conveying thoughts. Yes, he is thinking just like I am right now.

3mi1y_ 16

hahahhaha that wouldve been quite a show to see

purplemnm 9

I have the movie poster of your picture. in fact, I have the entire series ._. I think I'm awesome.

Your grandma is a career criminal. Congrats!

i hope you are not posting this fml while the cops are on their way.. lol!

iron_chefITALY 0

old people do love free stuff

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InuYasha17 0

Wow, you're smart... YDI all the way.