By needsnewshorts - 16/07/2013 01:42 - United States - San Clemente

Today, my girlfriend was sitting on my lap at a birthday party. She thought it would be funny to fart. I came instantly. FML
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Farting turns you on? Wow, that's a very specific fetish...

You'll last longer in time.


You'll last longer in time.

CallMeWindSock 24

I wonder what would happen if OP's girlfriend queefed.

Nobody likes you now. You should just go.

Next goal for OP would be to actually having sex before he cums

suboy 10

That ejaculated quickly!

Lmao omfg that was a good one, 104.

Allennis44 16


ColonelCusswords 24


dixiefoxx 22

Well then..

Seriously. I didn't see that cumming

CallMeWindSock 24

Ridickulous, isn't it?

#32, just give up.

#32, please leave.

\ 28

i thought those short, subjectless comments were the kind that got buried...

I must not spend enough time on fml to understand how two different people make the same level of crappy joke and one gets downvoted into oblivion and the other upvoted.

#32 i strongly advise that you spend about two hours in the Random category and read people's comments to understand what's tolerable on Fml. #105 one day you'll learn. The sad part is "well then..." Is nowhere near the worst comment on fml

dixiefoxx 22

Yeah, I wasn't feeling that creative... I'm actually surprised it didn't get buried to be honest, but I'm not complaining. :)

Farting turns you on? Wow, that's a very specific fetish...

Zimmington 21

This is only the beginning. In time he'll find himself staring at a computer screen eating pizza jerking it to scat porn!

All fetishes are fairly specific.

When I was younger, I though scat porn was having sex while singing scat.

He might actually like 2 girls 1 cup. I thought I'd never see the day where someone actually likes that shit.

As someone else with a fart fetish I'd like to inform you that I find 2 girls 1 cup to be absolutely revolting. Don't be a jerk.

#112 why in the hell would you bring that video up it has scared enough people

HILARIOUS. Enjoyed that. Good sharing.

That was for 94

lol unintended pun

#94 this made me laugh so hard because until I googled scat porn earlier this morning I didn't know what It was either.

my friend, u have just discovered u have a farting fetish!

BunBunBabe 8

My only question is WHY?!

It must have been one hell of a fart; the vibration was too much to overcome.

BradTheBrony 19


BradTheBrony 19

I've been watching Ren & Stimpy all week, it was the first thing that popped into my head

punkyboy 11

damn sexy farts they turn people on too much

That's soooo weird..

What's even weirder is that...his girlfriend...FARTED. Everyone knows ladies don't fart.

threer 30

'Girl'friend, eh?

What's with the downvotes? I'm pretty sure #43 was kidding...

#50 he has over 30 upvotes. What downvotes?

Everyone farts 43, some women are just more cautious to not pass gas in front of an audience. But I think it's nice that OP and his girlfriend are comfortable enough to fart in front of each other.

Now we wait and see if he tells her he's into farting...

#110 #50 was clearly kidding.

Op should leave his account

How the hell is it nice?

ZombieVampirez 24

Agree #7

I remember my first fart cum..

welandedonthemoo 5

It was from your own ass

hamrtym 15

I remember her first cum fart

What's a fart cum?

its when theres cum in your ass and you fart

Doesn't everyone like butt cheeks slapping together on their prince(ss )parts?

It says that OP is male.

She said everyone, that also includes women, unless you live In the 18 hundreds where women weren't even considered people. Somehow I doubt that.

Which was louder? (: the Fart or the Climax? (: *whistles the pinkie & the brain*