By ass slap - 11/08/2013 15:35 - United States - Broomall

Today, while I was hanging out with a cute girl, I slapped her ass playfully. She told me that she was going to get me back. She slapped my ass later that night unexpectedly while I was holding in a huge fart... It came out. FML
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That was a rude gasture.

You can never really truly love someone until you've broken the unspoken fart barrier.


That was a rude gasture.

Sorry to hear OP, that really stinks :/

I see what you did there.

Oh no, not another list of fartstrating puns.

9-Too bad there isn't a button for that

Reading the passive aggressive "there's a button for that" comments is more annoying than reading the comments where they could have used the button.

Did op gask her out afterwards?

#26 it was a fart pun

Karma's a bitch

True and irrelevant

51, it is relevant. she said she would get him back. and she did. the fact that he farted is karma.

Karma for what?

For tappin' that ass

I hope you know karma isn't real.

Then earls lifes work has been a waste.

64- No it isn't. You don't know what Karma is.

I know what Karma is, Karma is a bitch.

"Don't say that, she's a nice lady!"

Well, we all fart in front of our significant other at some point (unless you're one of those weirdos who hides that stuff even after marriage). You're just getting a head start. I wouldn't make such a big deal out of it, she'll probably laugh about later while she's ripping her own at home.

When you said "hide that stuff" I just imagined a little old lady farting into jars and stashing them under the bed... I do agree with you, though, this could be signs to a bigger and better thing if she is able to just laugh it off

hmmmm.... fart jelly.

Wow that's embarassing… Hopefully she doesn't care that much

It wasn't his daughter

5..... What??? I don't see where anyone said anything about a daughter besides you...

He edited his comment and i ran out of time to edit mine. It did say "is it normal to slap your daughters ass?..."

Ohhh I see. Sorry 'bout that, I was confused. ;)

Ugh... Editing. Often causes me to down vote the person who doesn't deserve it.

Isn't that the truth

At first I thought the FML said "my baby girl" instead of "a cute girl" so that's why I originally made the comment. I guess I wasn't reading it clear enough the first time but as soon as I realized my mistake I changed the comment. Hope that clears up any confusion

#5, you made me laugh more than the fml did. Thanks for that hilarious mix up

Well, I guess she won't do that again.

I don't see any way that you didn't deserve that. Slapping her ass (especially in public if thats where you were) is super rude. You had it comming.

It doesn't sound like she had a problem with it!

You say rude, I say playful. Neither of us is wrong. In certain circumstances. Neither is universally applicable.

My friends, a mix of guys and girls, would all run through the hallways at school slapping each other's asses. -_- Its not rude if you know each other and are okay with the person. xD

That's very funnnny

Lol just laugh it off. Everyone farts.

But op basically farted in her hand.

Everybody toots, everybody farts--sometimes (To the tune of everybody hurts)

You can never really truly love someone until you've broken the unspoken fart barrier.

The game is called Grab Ass. It's poor form to use the Nuclear Option on the second move.

Idk what you just said, but it still sounds better than North Koreas military operations.

This made me laugh out loud in class. Thanks :P