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  Today, while I was hanging out with a cute girl, I slapped her ass playfully. She told me that she was going to get me back. She slapped my ass later that night unexpectedly while I was holding in a huge fart... It came out. FML
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  j_729  |  18

9-Too bad there isn't a button for that

By  tootsie68  |  22

Karma's a bitch

  Caitie_kid  |  8

Well, we all fart in front of our significant other at some point (unless you're one of those weirdos who hides that stuff even after marriage). You're just getting a head start. I wouldn't make such a big deal out of it, she'll probably laugh about later while she's ripping her own at home.

  cristy91  |  33

When you said "hide that stuff" I just imagined a little old lady farting into jars and stashing them under the bed... I do agree with you, though, this could be signs to a bigger and better thing if she is able to just laugh it off

  lolmigosh  |  15

At first I thought the FML said "my baby girl" instead of "a cute girl" so that's why I originally made the comment. I guess I wasn't reading it clear enough the first time but as soon as I realized my mistake I changed the comment. Hope that clears up any confusion

By  BeccaHugs  |  17

I don't see any way that you didn't deserve that. Slapping her ass (especially in public if thats where you were) is super rude. You had it comming.


My friends, a mix of guys and girls, would all run through the hallways at school slapping each other's asses. -_- Its not rude if you know each other and are okay with the person. xD