By Anonymous / Tuesday 16 July 2013 00:10 / United States - Charlotte
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  threer  |  30

I agree, but you forgot a comma and two sets of quotes.

  drewflav  |  15

Punctuation and spelling are two different issues. Besides, the comma isn't strictly necessary. It's quotation marks, not quotes. "Quotes" is a verb, not a noun as you chose to use it.

As for the argument about "you're" and "your", enough people have pointed it out by now that people should understand the intent. Basically, spell correctly or be shot down by the FML community.

If anyone wants to comment on me placing my comma after the quotation mark in the last paragraph you should keep in mind that I'm not American and write proper Queen's English.

Enough ranting from me for one night.

  sugarbreeze  |  5

#62 Don't be so ignorant. I don't like him either but I'm not going to think so low of her just because we don't share the same opinion. People like you disgust me...

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