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By  Helmut Arias Rodriguez  |  21

At least it wasn’t on your dick. (Yes I got it from that stupid rap song)

By  JackWood  |  10

There those who this would be a turn on. I wouldn't complain, at least you have access to pussy. It's natural to relax during sex and sometimes the butthole relaxes too.

By  Tom O'Halloran  |  9

how do you think she was about to cum if your mouth was on her butt hole.

maybe she was just wiggling to get you on target out of frustration... learn what and how to lick a gal... but play comes later... AFTER you got some game.

and if you just go down on her as a treat, you are lucky she didn't do more than fart in your mouth.

By  Isaac Shields  |  9

i agree with everyone in the"treat" part after all im sure she can get it easily from someone that would love to do it but on the flip side if it was a woman saying she was treating her man with a bj i bet these comments would be different