By Anonymous - 16/07/2013 04:41 - United States

Today, as I was about to enter a public restroom, a man walked out and said, "You may want to hold your nose in there. I just took the biggest dump of my life." It was the ladies' restroom. FML
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At least he warned you?

Scent of a man


Scent of a man

I guess the dude couldnt hold it in any longer and run to the wrong door... usually its the womans bathroom super packed so they go to a mans bathroom. this is definitely a weird case.

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At least he warned you?

maybe hes gender confused?

Maybe its a transgender person, these days sometimes its hard to tell.

Well that's.. disgusting.. sorry op! Hope you went quickly!

if you're implying that he went in the ladies restroom than yes. If this was at a gas station per say, and it only had one stall for each gender, and it was an emergency, i can see why he would do it. and this FML sounds very familiar. like I've read it before..

#19 She's implying that it's gross that the guy took a huge nasty shit.

lol... That's creepy. I'd find somewhere else to pee.

Pun intended?

One of the reasons I avoid public toilets when possible. It could be worse though, you could have been the one having to take the biggest dump in your life at a public restroom.

Atleast he warned you

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Maybe he was just an extremely butt ugly woman..

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OR! She could be taking T- pills. There are women that take Testosterone pills, which have a side affect of obtaining manly features.

You're welcome