By Anonymous - 06/02/2014 23:07 - United States - San Ramon

Today, my mother-in-law tried to "accidentally" run me over. FML
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746278Ab 14

Hey "accidents" can happen to BOTH people...

At the end of the day you still get the last laugh when you rail her daughter... Or son


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Do you want a cookie?

What an original first comment that was.

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Ops mother in law is in a car she can catch up and "accidentally" hit her again

#2's logic: run in straight lines!

JocelynKaulitz 28

You know what they say…don't get angry, get even ;)

Never forget about the double-ended dagger. An "accident" could always occur to her as well.

seprunner 12


746278Ab 14

Hey "accidents" can happen to BOTH people...

Maybe an accident with a lawn mower while mom-in-law takes a sunbath.

"I told her to stop making toast in the bath"

I told her not to sleep with snakes in her bed.

ZY1431 24

well i dare say she was trying to tell you something

I don't think it was "can you check the car for a flat?"

Or, "make sure there's no oil leaking".

At the end of the day you still get the last laugh when you rail her daughter... Or son

that's disgusting you might want to reread the post it do you mean to promote incest because that's sick and twisted

i read wrong my bad

9, are you seriously that stupid? Not to mention that the amount of ACTUAL incest jokes are on an order of magnitudes, yet this comment is the one you flip out on..

Majexs 2

That post made no sense. He corrected himself like 4 minutes after, thus making you stupid for even bothering to write that out. People make mistakes, I wish some people didn't have to single out that poor asshole, everyone's been there.

iipinkette 16

Why don't you "accidentally" report it because it sounds like your life is in danger, to me atleast .

seprunner 12

Out of love?

"It was just a love tap!"

bahamut357 16

Two tons of shiny, metal love taps? Who could ask for more!

That's legitimately terrifying and you should tell your significant other you're never going to see the mother again

Do a barrel roll.....No OVER the car

So just "accidentally" run her over too?

What if they'll "accidently" start to car joust?