By Samson - 14/02/2010 08:48 - United States

Today, my girlfriend was really depressed. I listed the top 50 reasons why I love her. Her response was "thanks for that but seriously, this video on youtube is hilarious." I couldn't cheer her up but apparently a 10 second video of a dog running in circles can. FML
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You're crazy for thinking you can compete with an animal video.

When I'm upset I need humor, not sappy.


MermaidSongXOXO 6

Dogs pwn a long, mushy list any day :) Maybe if you'd chase your ass or something, she might pay attention to you.

natedog193 0

dont be such an ass. hecwas just trying to do something sweet for her

AngryNinja 1

tara was not being an ass. she was kidding. calm down.

Haha was that the dog video where it runs in circles and then slams right into the air conditioner? That shit was too funny

Ajjas013 6

I agree with Tara. Do something funny! Do something equivalent to a dog chasing its tail. Chase your dick! ...Erm or your strap-on

If he did that, then that would be his gf's FML.

skyshark 0

I think you should have excluded "I love that your breast don't have inverted nipples like your sisters" from the list.

Ajjas013 6

Tara's idea of a romantic date is... Wait. Tara doesn't get dates!

CheshireHalli 19

Yay Freeze! Boo Ajjas! Yay Tara! ♥

Ajjas013 6

Fuck Freeze is right :( I'm kidding with Tara :) Don't kill me?

CheshireHalli 19
cowgod 0

I find your picture sexy ajjas

Quick, Ajjas! Change it to your old one and take a screenshot!

Ajjas013 6

You must have some sort of cow fetish... Don't know how to take screenshots.

press prtscreen on ur keyboard.. or if ur using iPod or iPhone hold both buttons at same time

Actually, human males have bigger penises than any other animal. Fact. Well, on average, anyway...I won't say anything about yours ;)

agreed with 132. you ever seen a whales dick? ****** huge.

Averizzle 0

No, no I haven't.. But why have you seen one?

awww... this is so sad... I would be crying from happiness if my bf did that :'3

136-I think your the only one on here that has seen whale dick 0.o

MrsFunsize 0

That's mean to say, I think it's sweet that the OP took time to write out 50 things that he loves about his gf...more guys should be like that and girls should take time to do sweet things for their bf too b/c it's a two way street not jst one. Give and take =)

MermaidSongXOXO 6

#136 Whales have HUGE penises O_O Blue whales have 9-meter ones. How I know this, do not ask.

Ultimate_Cynic 0

Oh, is this where all the regulars talk to each other and make in-jokes? I want in, I want in! Meep!

Ajjas013 6

I know how Tara knows this. But it's the reason she doesn't get dates...

#128, what pendatic said. And did you not notice OP was a female? Even a chihuahua's packing more than she is, by nature anyway.

MrsFunsize 0

Nvm I take wat I said back, I thought this was a heterosexual relationship. I'm sorry but I jst dnt believe in same sex relationships/marriages. I dnt have anything against the gay/lesbien community but to be honest it creeps me out wen they show PDA.

sio_07 0

There are still people like you in the world? Dear god. Welcome to 2011, where most people have realized that its not a big deal to be gay.

sio_07 0

The above comment is directed at #169.

MissRachieee 3

the OP is a GIRL. she (hopefully) doesn't have a dick.

ImRawrtastic 0

ohh thier lesbians that's y idk tht many guys who wud do tht

MissRachieee 3

can you not read where is says "women"? an d I'M the dumbass...haha.

ImRawrtastic 0
ThuhBoss 0
PurpleSquirrel 0

you should run in circles for her

callicoat 0

I have a dick and pussy. you want to have intercourse? ;)

MadaZer0 8
Enoch134 0
ImRawrtastic 0

he she probaly has a plastic one!

You're crazy for thinking you can compete with an animal video.

haha dude nothing makes your day like a dog being a retard rather than read a list if 50 boring reasons :)

Ahhh dont worry , we will never understand women

perdix 29

The first 10 or so items on the list would probably touch me and make me smile, but stretching it to 50 would be boring and even creepy. #46. I love the way you wipe. Eeeewwww!

MermaidSongXOXO 6

Notice OP said TOP 50 -_- As in, there are still more ways. Like "I love the fact that you're a girl." "I love your awesome smile." "I love the way your pee makes the most musical sound when it hits the sides of the toilet and falls into the water."

26. I love your cute little cough and gag when I Dutch Oven you in your sleep.

Seriously, if you guys don't think you can get to fifty without having to resort to 'I love that you're a girl', you're with the wrong person xD

42. I love how clean you get my socks and how you get the skidmarks off my shorts.

seriously #1/#12 yur picture is sooooo ugly

Hobo, seriously if you think anyone is being serious, I feel sorry for you. I'm guessing sense of humour would not be on your gf's top 50 list for you.

that's what you get for being a bitch!