By Samson - / Sunday 14 February 2010 08:48 / United States
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  MrsFunsize  |  0

That's mean to say, I think it's sweet that the OP took time to write out 50 things that he loves about his gf...more guys should be like that and girls should take time to do sweet things for their bf too b/c it's a two way street not jst one. Give and take =)

  MrsFunsize  |  0

Nvm I take wat I said back, I thought this was a heterosexual relationship. I'm sorry but I jst dnt believe in same sex relationships/marriages. I dnt have anything against the gay/lesbien community but to be honest it creeps me out wen they show PDA.

  sio_07  |  0

There are still people like you in the world? Dear god. Welcome to 2011, where most people have realized that its not a big deal to be gay.

By  perdix  |  29

The first 10 or so items on the list would probably touch me and make me smile, but stretching it to 50 would be boring and even creepy.

#46. I love the way you wipe. Eeeewwww!


Notice OP said TOP 50 -_-

As in, there are still more ways.

Like "I love the fact that you're a girl."

"I love your awesome smile."

"I love the way your pee makes the most musical sound when it hits the sides of the toilet and falls into the water."

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