By Anonymous - 14/02/2010 14:21 - United States

Today, I realized that the "pimples" on my back weren't pimples at all. Because I was unable to see how bad they were for the last week, I never caught on to the fact the they were, in fact, ticks. FML
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WOW! that is just... nasty...

Oh wow, that is pretty gross.


Oh wow, that is pretty gross.

omg I no! ticks are fucking disgusting. they are almost impossible to kill too...

lmao she shud totaly try that..

*barFs* damn auto correct lol 

@63: im sure shed wanna get them off her back before she did that xD

haha i used to volunteer at the humane society and tics make my skin crawl but theres something strangely satisfying about popping them underfoot...

teehee I enjoy reading Karee and Adams posts, they're so...... flirtatious...?

WOW! that is just... nasty...

wow that is nasty but how couldn't u tell?

it's difficult to tell when they're on your back. I camp a lot and I've had quite a few ticks on me before and haven't noticed for a few days. I actually got lime disease too :/

Epic!!! XD Lmao Vampire Bugs... Damn that really sucks OP. Hey look at the bright side... They aren't pimples :D

that's not the bright side, I would have rather had pimples then get lime disease! I was covered in red circles for days

Lol I know dude... Can't I be as idiotic as most of the people here on FML~? XD

I think I just baby barfed....holy fuck

you're cute!;)

maybe you live close?;)

my comments were towards23 that Adam...or whatever his thing is.

hahaha well thank you karee

Ticks are light weights- use some form of alcohol to remove them.

You won't let a couple of Homeless, Hungry, Bugs live in your back? That's Mean.

this made me go and check my back.

@#23 Don't they stick out a bit so you can feel it? I remember my brother got one from camping and he could feel it through his jeans. Thank god for having tweezers, I plucked that little mofo out.

welcome:) you have pretty blue eyes! my favorite.

I've gotta say, idk how all this foment stuff works, but hey...talking to ppl you don't know is kinda cool:)

It's the start of the Twilight uprising. . .VAMPIRE BUGS everybody run for your lives before the rest come and wipe us out! I always knew this would happen!

(Cleaveland voice) Thas naaasty.

#128 this just in, it turns out the Vampire bugs are invisible ... and can grow wings. Yes We are all going to die. [Packs Suitcase], well I'm off to Canada.

thanks karee. I like them muhself

Lol and if they start sparkling, well're definitely screwed!

number 100 i dnt know if ur kiddin or not but thats the stupidest shit i herd all deyy

thatoneadam - wow that sucks! My dog always gets them! Humans don't ever seem to get em here!

my eyes are green!! they are alright iguess....but I've always wanted blue eyes!:)

yea neon it was bad. I had just gotten back from camping in Wisconsin and was on another trip in Michigan when I found out, so I wasn't even able to go to my own doctor (I live In chicago). and karee green eyes are pretty and more rare than blue, be proud of the eyes you have

Adam: I mean I like them...just idk. so you go camping a lot?:) I love camping. don't do it much anymore tho:/

yea I do. anything with the outdoors. this summer I'm going canoeing/backpacking for 10 days with all my supplies for the whole time on my back in Minnesota. and going scuba diving for a week in the Florida keys.

dang. you are very adventurous! that sounds like so much fun:) idk if I could go 10 days tho. but you should come to Texas sometime then:)

haha i have a few friends there but fhey always come up here i never go there. i got college to worry about

lame! Texas is the best!:) where are you going to college? I'm a junior this year so I have a little time to look around.

ahh cool cool. Illinois state, majoring in education to be a middle school teacher

sounds like fun:) I want to coach and be a high school teacher...but I want to do something before that...I just don't know what.

Um... ticks are a lot worse than pimples.

What? You'd think they'd get smashed, or complain about getting laid on top of so much.

Can you two lovebirds do this somewhere else? Like in messages?

You lovebirds need to get a room

Oh... oh god. That's something else.

That's so gross. Now I'm paranoid, I gotta go check myself for ticks.

I once had a tick on my arm....... didn't notice for 10 days

HAHAHAHAHAHA that was so funny!!!!!!

ahahah! fuckin comedian.

I once had a tick on my dick

Did you notice notice that they were hard and growing?

That's what she said.

That sounded wrong. xD

I realized that as I sent it, but whatever, perfect set-up for a "that's what she said," lol.

I thought freeze avy was a swatsika :/

...ticks are sneaky bastards, they come at you from behind but you first clue was... pimples don't crawl

@66, like guys in prison.

They don't really move do they? At least not once they are embedded.

6th why am I starting to care damn trolls

thats disgusting. sorryy

this made me want to vomit

eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwweeewwwwwwwwwwweeweweweweweweweweweweeeeeeeeeewweee I agree

ewwww that's nasty how did you get them??

it's the south, they're all over

Kentucky doesn't really count as the south.. I live there, and we're kinda in the middle. judgement made. Tchaa!!

so because you don't consider Kentucky to be suitably 'Southern', ticks can't exist there? what? (and I'd have to disagree with you. idk where in Kentucky you live, but it is definitely the South where I live.)

ticks are all over the north too idiot. I pulled 3-5 ticks everyday off my dog when I lived in Ohio

And you didn't notice this how? "Oh hey Hun how are you?" "BOBBY! where's your leg!?!" "oh....shit...I dunno.." ^More realistic^

What the heck are you talking about Icaris

dang...bust out a mirror and take a look back there once in a while