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  jazzw92  |  0

haha i used to volunteer at the humane society and tics make my skin crawl but theres something strangely satisfying about popping them underfoot...


it's difficult to tell when they're on your back. I camp a lot and I've had quite a few ticks on me before and haven't noticed for a few days. I actually got lime disease too :/

  MQ_was_here  |  0

Don't they stick out a bit so you can feel it? I remember my brother got one from camping and he could feel it through his jeans. Thank god for having tweezers, I plucked that little mofo out.


yea neon it was bad. I had just gotten back from camping in Wisconsin and was on another trip in Michigan when I found out, so I wasn't even able to go to my own doctor (I live In chicago).

and karee green eyes are pretty and more rare than blue, be proud of the eyes you have


yea I do. anything with the outdoors. this summer I'm going canoeing/backpacking for 10 days with all my supplies for the whole time on my back in Minnesota. and going scuba diving for a week in the Florida keys.

  mmaire  |  0

so because you don't consider Kentucky to be suitably 'Southern', ticks can't exist there? what? (and I'd have to disagree with you. idk where in Kentucky you live, but it is definitely the South where I live.)