By Jae_Hellyun - 08/01/2014 04:21 - United States

Today, my girlfriend sent me a link to a Vine video in which she dumped me. FML
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What did we do before the internet?

That's great! You don't need a girlfriend who uses Vine


What did we do before the internet?

What would we do without the internet?

Maybe we sent messenger pigeons you dump people for us or something...

Before the internet - "I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen," if you get the reference.

had sex with each other instead of the monitor. seriously people were way less up tight back then, and by people I mean girls.

Well thanks

We actually broke up with someone in person, if we wanted to hang out we called on the tele or just went to the persons house, we spent dates actually paying attention to the other person instead of our phones, we actually had lives.

Where's the link?

@JMichael, I wish times were still like that...

#17 Don't blame the Internet for your inability to get laid. The fact that girls are "more uptight" probably has less to do with modern technology and more to do with your attitude.

Post it! Haven't you seen sex and the city?

#1, we married people we were afraid to dump and then suffered and prayed for the sweet release of death.

Yes. Link, or it didn't happen.

Shite thats horrible

Did it for the Vine?

People still vine? I thought that vine craze died down

Consider this as a compliment.

... I don't see how.

No one ever said Internet people were bright.

That's really rude of her. Sorry, OP.

That's great! You don't need a girlfriend who uses Vine

Was it a GrapeVine, though?

That's how I heard about it

Pleonasm. I haven't seen your puns in a long time. :') Makes me happy.... I love you.

I don't think he found it to be so grape.

Looks like its time for a smack cam OE just accept your fate either way revine...

Or send her a link to meatspin

what a coward, because breaking up with you by actually talking to you like decent human being was too much huh? I hate when people hide behind technology and/or social sites by breaking up via Facebook, text, vine, it just seems childish... or maybe I'm just bitter from personal experience LOL

No, I agree with you. If you are going to end a relationship with someone you do it to their face.

You should be glad. Obviously she's too immature for you.