By Jae_Hellyun - / Wednesday 8 January 2014 04:21 / United States
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  synsam  |  4

had sex with each other instead of the monitor. seriously people were way less up tight back then, and by people I mean girls.

  JMichael  |  25

We actually broke up with someone in person, if we wanted to hang out we called on the tele or just went to the persons house, we spent dates actually paying attention to the other person instead of our phones, we actually had lives.

  stargirl_95  |  24

#17 Don't blame the Internet for your inability to get laid. The fact that girls are "more uptight" probably has less to do with modern technology and more to do with your attitude.

By  ilovemychem  |  22

Shite thats horrible

By  tackblog  |  14

Consider this as a compliment.

By  JoJo91_fml  |  8

what a coward, because breaking up with you by actually talking to you like decent human being was too much huh? I hate when people hide behind technology and/or social sites by breaking up via Facebook, text, vine, it just seems childish... or maybe I'm just bitter from personal experience LOL


Today, the guy I've been dating for 3 weeks showed up at my house at 7 AM. I was about to give him a kiss when he said, "Good morning, is Sarah here?" I was confused until I realized he didn't recognize me because I had no make up on. FML

By sarahxHx / Tuesday 14 July 2015 06:42 / United States - Laguna Niguel
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