By thanksnicksparks - 11/06/2012 05:25 - United States

Today, my girlfriend asked me if I loved her. I tried to be cute and romantic and responded with a quote from the Notebook, which I watched with her yesterday. After I said, "If you're a bird, I'm a bird," she broke up with me because I was "phony and unoriginal." FML
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Well, now you know that you obviously deserve better than this ungrateful bitch. Sorry OP, hope you find someone nicer! (:

AsianCookie247 14

Your girlfriend is unappreciative. I personally think that's really sweet and cute. Sorry, OP.


Well, now you know that you obviously deserve better than this ungrateful bitch. Sorry OP, hope you find someone nicer! (:

I agree. She should be touched that you share the same feelings. Would she say you're copying her lines if you simply said "I love you" back? You deserve better because apparently she needs William Shakespeare himself to say he loves her in a romantic way.

Don't be sad. She probably wasn't worth your time anyways.

True that. Just because you can photograph something that already exists doesn't mean photography isn't art. Finding the right passage of a poem (or film) can be as romantic as writing it yourself.

missamerica95 0

Most girls would be ecstatic that their guy even watched the Notebook with them in the first place, let alone quoted from it.

Inheritance 10

My opinion that's the sweetest thing a guy could say. But to have her say and do that she isn't worth your time. Sorry OP.

Mommyof2_91 10

14- I don't think they share the same feelings. If she really loved him it wouldn't her been so easy to dump him over something so ridiculous.

Mommyof2_91 10

Have* I'm not quite sure where "her" came from.

She was clearly just looking for a reason to break up with him, and that was the best thing she could find. sorry OP, that sucks.

Yeah, I mean, that's like saying, " I love you." , and then she says, "thats what everyone says! You are phony and unoriginal." WTH?

Sorry to hear that, OP. You can do way better.

Agreed. I dislike when girls act like that. They don't realize how good they have it.

Defiantly not who you should be looking for

I'm pretty sure you meant definitely.

I guess people hate bad spelling. I think the spell check did that

alliewillie 22

Spell check wouldn't have caught that as "defiantly" is a word. Just the wrong one.

I like how that "defiantly" quote became a new topic. : /

skatrgirl96 4

I know this has nothing to do with this but can someone please tell me what OP means?.....

palahniukpaul 6

I don't blame her

Luckily a good looking guy like you can be fussy........

This is the shit that pisses me off. Some people around here are so snarky and judgmental when it comes to other posters' profile pics. Let that same poster put in an FML about getting dumped or insulted and it's all "you deserve better", "you're beautiful", "you'll find someone else". You don't know if OP is a raging douchebag that you would call creepy if you met face to face. All you know is one incident in his life from his own point of view but you're so sure he'll get a better gf.

neither do i, honestly. how freaking cheesy.

Ninjasaurus18 9

71- He was trying to be a good boyfriend, but apparently his ex is too good for him.

45- I can't see your pic, but I would imagine that you're ugly as shit.

78 - And I'm sure that's you in your picture.

Did anyone else facepalm at 78's bio or am I alone here?

88 - I did read it, but I didn't facepalm. No, my inner-monologue was just screaming "DOUCHEBAG!" He sounds so pretentious it's not even comedy-worthy.

RedPillSucks 31

That's still a stupid reason to dump someone. Sounds like she was just looking for any lame excuse. Sorry, replied to the wrong thing. This shouldn't be here

i agree that it was a sweet gesture on op's part and that his girlfriend went a little overboard in dumping him, but still...cheesy as hell! :p

88 - yea I read it too and thought exactly the same! "I'm not cocky." ... 4 lines later... "I'm an expert in diet, fitness, mathematics..." ... An expert? Really?

And I can imagine that you're a fucking idiot.

88, yeah I did... As soon as she said "from Canada"

Okay, Bobeattaco is calling someone a "fucking idiot". Awesome. Look at your bio.

Look at how you spell you're it's a troll mate. And " you're" on a computer go look up how to spell ^.^

129 - Ummm if you knew the correct uses of the words "your" and "you're" you would know that 121 used "your" perfectly. Unless people are in the habit of saying "you are bio"?

*And "you're" on a computer; go look up how to spell. You missed a semicolon. Also.. you're stupid.

AsianCookie247 14

Your girlfriend is unappreciative. I personally think that's really sweet and cute. Sorry, OP.

uJelly24 1

Wtf is notebook?

Hiimhaileypotter 52

The Notebook is a movie based off of a book by Nicholas Sparks.

Everyone is different. On one hand I agree that quote is being run into the ground and getting annoying, but I couldn't imagine breaking up with someone over it.

Its a beautiful movie... I think its way better then titanic i cried so loud!

Next...girlfriend in line please Very small minded on her part Very thoughtful on yours..

Not phony and unoriginal, just super lame...

This guy is a bird, the last guy was a shark. Is there something your all not telling me?

26- It's kinda obvious because there's only one "your" in the sentence...

68- you don't say?

Blacksabbath211 9

The animorphs are back xD

92 Animorphs used to terrify me as a kid. I used to cover my ears with a blanket when I slept because I thought people would try to put those slug things in them.

I loved animorphs so much I tried to catch a bug and transform one time xD

If you're a p(h)on(e)y, I'm a p(h)on(e)y.

AsianCookie247 14

Do us all a favor and Lay off the bathsalts, before you start to crave human flesh.

Bath salt is so 2011, bath pearls all the way :)

lorenzoman77 7

Doortje- dude, just stop talking.. *facepalm*

Lorenzoman- dude, put a shirt on.

PYLrulz 17

Doortje, you know it's better to be thought of as an idiot, rather than opening your mouth (or in this case, using your keyboard), and removing all doubt

I'm a brony and that made me sad.

It's pretty petty of her to break up for that reason, but I suspect she really did so because she thought you were avoiding the questions.

You actually watched The Notebook? And she didn't even appreciate your sacrifice? Poor boy.

Watching The Notebook is a sacrifice? I must be doing it wrong..

90, to put it kindly it's not everyone's type of movie. (This coming from a female who hates chick flicks with a passion)

If you do not feel the urge to run away/throw heavy things at the tv/fall asleep/... while watching The Notebook, there must be something terrible wrong with you. There are a few movies that I hate with all my heart and The Notebook is one of them. Oh my, what a terrible scenario it was. If those two lovebirds would just act rational, decide that they are independent from their parents and would get a relationship/marriage from the beginning, I wouldn't have to watch two hours of 'I love you, but this can't be! *goes away* *comes back* I love you, but this can't be! *and so on*' shit.

I personally just enjoyed how cute the elderly couple was. And when they died together? I died.

Are you also a bird, since OP and his ex were birds?

It's a terrible excuse for a love story.

Even if he does, they would not be noticeable. Bird testicles are internal.