By facepalmface - 05/12/2011 14:34 - United Arab Emirates

Today, at university I was tearing off some "Help Japan" posters off the wall, figuring that they have been up for a while. Just as a group of visiting Japanese reporters passed by. FML
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facepalmface tells us more.

I wasn't actually "tearing" them down, I was gently pulling them off the wall to put them inside the classes instead. It was awkward nonetheless, hope this clears things up.

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cradle6 13

Why were you tearing them down? Unless it's part of your job, it's not really your decision if it's been long enough.

Run. That's too difficult to explain to a probably angry group of Japanese reporters.


Run. That's too difficult to explain to a probably angry group of Japanese reporters.

Dear student, there are key words such as - ask/think- before you act.. try them.. for your own sake besides .. that must been awkward!

13 - you clearly don't speak Japanese, or know how Japanese people pronounce English words. They don't turn W into R. Why should they?! They mix up L and R.

They don't "mess up" Ls and Rs, they just don't have the L sound in their "alphabet". The closest they have is the R sounds: ra, ri, ru, re, ro, so they substitute them.

FinJage 18

Just pretend that you were placing the posters on the wall.

Act all angry and be like "we need to help Japan!" an tell them ur going to hand out the posters to people to get the idea out there.

54 - I know what they do. I used to live and work in Tokyo.

Yea except the FML states he was "tearing" them off. That implies..well it implies he was TEARING THEM OFF THE WALL. Therefore the idea of handing them out or pretending he was putting them up, falls flat on its face.

If dey start chayshing OP, it's his prawbrem

AdamBasebal69 0

Death before dishonor!!! Aaaaaah

I am sure they were still appreciative.

MichellinMan 20

This comment will make no sense, and will not be thumbed. Good day to you.

cradle6 13

Why were you tearing them down? Unless it's part of your job, it's not really your decision if it's been long enough.

thats exactly what i was thinking. i dont see ops logic behind pulling them down.

Japan still has plenty of problems. Another huge earthquake hit after that one, not to mention many massive landslides due to rain.

Most universities have stamps for posters indicating that it's approved to be posted around campus and for how long. Even assuming these posters were dated and it was past that date, as previously stated, op should not be taking any posters down unless it was expressly his job. And op, if you WERE doing your job, there's no fml. You could then easily have explained to the Japanese reporters that the university had run a campaign that was now over, and you were making space for new events.

The US has enough problems, let's deal with those first before we help anyone else.

keithandra 0

23, you're an ignorant cheese eating sideways monkey.

Katrina recovery has been going on since 2004 & continues today. OP isn't the brightest.

Steve95401 49

Don't forget the tsunamis after the earthquake. Japan has suffered more than enough this year without OP adding to it.

stevenJB 25

I agree I need my anime when I need my anime!!

To 23: the world is not perfect but I guess the US does need the most help if it has people like you... Not to say if ur from the US u r like them, (US is pretty awesome)

I do not understand why everyone call 23 an idiot? Considering we have a 100% debt to GDP ratio, the prime concern of our government should be to cut spending, not give money away to foreign countries.

Um, the point is that OP is from the UAE, which, if I'm reading these squiggles on the screen correctly, is not the same as the USA. Derp.

bryannab1 0

Ii agree, to a pointt. We SHOULD deal with our problems here in the US first. However, it is good to help other countries, too.

bryannab1 0

Thiis was in responce to #23. I also wanted to take that back. (^) i posted before I thought. Sorry about that. I now relize that the FML did not happen in the states. Once again, i appoligize.

Considering a great number of the population of UAE is the US army and many other overseas jobs, it's safe to say the US has somewhat of an impact on things over there. My mother is actually stationed in the UAE and I, like many American students, had the opportunity to study abroad over there. I guess it was wrong to assume that OP was wrong, it's just that I have seen a lot of Americans study abroad over there.

87, Because regardless of how shitty your situation is, when someone else is worse off then you help them. That's what living in a civilised society is all about.

^That kind of adds to the way people see Americans, as "intrusive". I mean, we have helped many people in countries that aren't doing so well, but a lot of times it just comes back to bite us. We don't always have to be the ones spending our time and money "saving" countries in need.

Especially the way you guise are helping the middle east. Yes indeed.

123, Sending money to help a nation is completely different to "OK we supply the money we make the rules". No nation that supplies support to a struggling nation comes off looking bad.

87- the FML was posted from United Arab Emirates, otherwise known as dubai which is in the middle east.

Chaos187 6

Ya, you should probably put those back up and walk away slowly, then make a break for it.

ninjuh_wingman 29

Does it really matter that they've been up for a while? Thousands of people died and a whole bunch of buildings were destroyed. They need all the help they can get.

**** that. No one sends the US help when shit like natural disasters and 9/11 happen. The US helps everyone but the ones that REALLY need it and is always spending money to solve every other country's problem but their own. And then people wonder why the economy sucks and we don't have money. Sad but true as a hard shit.

^ Not everyone who goes on this site is from the US -.-

wickedgames 5

Plus it isn't even in the US. Reading does wonders.

HahaYDI 0

We help because we want to, not because we feel entitled to anything.

knoxxx 22

LOL, 41. Just shows how self centered most Americans are..

aeshleyrose 6

36, you're a ******* idiot. The Japanese government AND its private citizens donated over $15 million to the US after Hurricane Katrina. People like you - who talk shit without any knowledge of the subject you're taking about - suck ass.

iKickKixy 3

36 Learn your shit b4 making Americans look bad, several countries have helped us, during hurricane Katrina & Rita, several countries sent food, medicine, & clothing. Mexico sent a convoy of soldiers 2 help w/distributing aid & recuse & recovery efforts. So shut the **** up & go read a newspaper everyone once in awhile. 63 don't generalize not all of us r self centered, only a few ignorant ***** r. I'm greatful 4 the help we've received, as I'm sure other countries r 4 the aid they've received from us.

iKickKixy 3

And before anyone says anything about my grammar I had to shorten it out to the way it is because it was to long.

I love how op says university and most people believe the situation is happening in the states.

36- you're basically stating that you only pay attention to the bigger picture. the economy is mainly due to US citizens spending more on things they can't afford. also a plane crashing into a building is not as bad as 2 earthquakes, a tsunami, and dangerous nuclear waste spilled. and other countries do send help, just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there. please use your brain next time

Not as bad is in the eye of the beholder. I think it's equally as bad for different reasons. Natural disasters are horrible with property and more importantly life loss. But losing alot of lives and now even more who are sick due to trying to help because of senseless violence caused by fear and hate is just as bad. Both incidents will impact the citizens of the respective countries for a long time to come. Not to mention chemical pollution that we still don't know the full impact of on the world. Comparing a terrorist attack and a natural disaster seems unreasonable and disrespectful to those victimized by the events IMO.

I agree with 107 - 9/11 wasn't as devastating physically as it was emotionally. It exposed how vulnerable the US actually was, and the murder of thousands of innocent lives just paints a gruesome. I honestly think that we hold 9/11 with much significance compared to other things, such as natural disasters (even if they take more lives) because of the image it hatred and fear it paints, as we have someone to point fingers to. On the other hand, no one is responsible for a natural disaster, and we see it in a different light.

36, You don't know what you're talking about. Do some research before you post such nationalist crap.

36- You shouldn't really say anything unless you really know something about it -.- it's probably because you have a big mouth and always have to talk

That comment shows how stereotypical you are. Dont judge us on a comment from a dumbass. All countries have dumbass selfcentered ppl.

You should've said "report this!" and then mooned them.

This just in. Japan has started a naval invasion of the U.A.E. Yes, let's moon them.

2ndSucks 15

OP: -tearing posters off wall- Reporters: "You! Young man, what you think you doing?" OP: "I'm umm, putting new adhesive on the back of these..." Reporters: "No! LIES! Put back up on wall now." OP: "But, but..." Reporters: "THIS JUST IN! DERANGED MAN SHOWS ACTS OF TREASON."

Fairly sure that the UAE isn't part of Japan, so I'm not sure treason would cut it.

Urbanchiller 0

Did you tried to be funny? Clearly didn't work.