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  Ayasha_fml  |  12

emerald, hope you are never made more aware of your internal egg sacs Picture it, Sicily, 2000s. I'm on my period, and my best friend's bro and I were hanging out. He's mentally special (no really, not being mean) and gets into a feisty rambunctious boy mood. He asks if I want to fight or wrestle and I say no but he starts punching and kicking anyway. Guess where they landed? I was also average to thin so there wasn't really much fat to pad it. Just skin, muscle, and squishy organs. I started crying and went inside and only then did it get through his head that he screwed up. He apologized but ugh. I can sympathize with guys. I went to my knees, cried, and felt like puking. That's how hard the impact was. I did try to block but it just caught me off guard.