By ReComatosed242 - 09/03/2016 00:29 - Bahamas - Eleuthera

Today, my co-worker and I got into an argument. It ended with him threatening me to roll my balls with a paint roller until they looked like "fresh, popping doughs". FML
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about how OPs balls would look like fresh, popping doughs if flattened by a paint roller

Do you guys work at Subway by chance? Because that's exactly how they makes their bread every morning.

Yes, how do you think they get the salt exactly right?

And it's not exactly paint, I hear it's in fact rubber.

I don't even have balls but I still cringed at this.

emerald, hope you are never made more aware of your internal egg sacs Picture it, Sicily, 2000s. I'm on my period, and my best friend's bro and I were hanging out. He's mentally special (no really, not being mean) and gets into a feisty rambunctious boy mood. He asks if I want to fight or wrestle and I say no but he starts punching and kicking anyway. Guess where they landed? I was also average to thin so there wasn't really much fat to pad it. Just skin, muscle, and squishy organs. I started crying and went inside and only then did it get through his head that he screwed up. He apologized but ugh. I can sympathize with guys. I went to my knees, cried, and felt like puking. That's how hard the impact was. I did try to block but it just caught me off guard.

I don't know what type of dough he's seen in his life but that's a little too much lmao

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A threat that creative? He's been waiting to use that on someone.

That's a very specific scenario... Watch out OP!