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  stevenbro  |  6

I have a problem with that. I just don't think you say something like that to someone you love. I hope she apologized, quickly and sincerely and didn't use her emotions as an excuse.

  nemisis11  |  12

Which means her thoughts were unfiltered. I hate the saying "I hope she's your ex"... But if she's thinking that, she apparently "settled" for you. Find someone worth your time.

  Scorpio1691  |  29

I think when you are in that kind of state. the filter between brain and mouth won't be working. she was probably being more honest about her feelings that she otherwise normally would have been.

  k_cummins  |  21

I agree that your emotions can be unfiltered but I also think they can be blown out of proportion when you're already in such an emotional state. Small problems can feel huge.

By  andrmac  |  25

Well in the short run I would wait a day or 2 till she has her head together, then have a serious talk about where your relationship is headed with a comment like that.

  ragnarok1540  |  39

My mistake. I misread the OP's name as "still over her" instead of "still love her" ... Feel free to bury this comment while I bury my head in shame :(