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  insanesna1l  |  0

a, free, five cent whore?

think yourself lucky op, you have someone who will screw your brains out because she thinks its someone else. just hope the person she thinks of is the same sex as you


then do the same thing to her. tell her she looks like a retard chipmunk and the only reason your dating her because u really wanna date Megan fox;) Oh and tell her she's fat! u can't miss the big finale of this speech. ;))

By  abceasyas123abc  |  12

That's so not cool, OP. Normally I wouldn't condone spiteful revenge but maybe you should tell her you picture her hotter sister when you're in bed with her. Haha, actually no, no reaso to stoop to her level.

  docscientist  |  9

Maybe you forgot to read the part where she said it's the only reason she's dating him. More than likely it's not, unless she's as shallow as the kiddie pool, but it's a fucked sentiment regardless.