By AngryBirdman - 22/04/2011 05:53

Today, my girlfriend told me she is only going out with me because I look like the person she really wants to go out with. FML
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Hmm, you mean your ex-girlfriend, right?

Tell her that you're only dating her 'cause she looks like her mom...


cobras40 0

be happy for it

or find someone who really cares about you and appreciates you.

no that's overrated

cobras40 0

if ur a pussy thn ya or use her as a free five cent whore

1 knows it. 14 dream on.

a, free, five cent whore? think yourself lucky op, you have someone who will screw your brains out because she thinks its someone else. just hope the person she thinks of is the same sex as you

Primo_Loco 0

lmao at 28

cobras40 0

free five cent whore- a cheap whore tht u got for free, free hooker...

victorujkic 0

thats what id do

then do the same thing to her. tell her she looks like a retard chipmunk and the only reason your dating her because u really wanna date Megan fox;) Oh and tell her she's fat! u can't miss the big finale of this speech. ;))

it's free but it's five cents!? #fail

eyez_lay_low1921 0

use this to ur advantage bro' hit it, leave, on to the next one.!

deadlymerc 0

dude hes saying the hooker is five cents, but insted of paying he got her for free.

yeah but she doesn't any more

ImaWiseGuy 5

keep looking like this other person, it's been working out for you thus far....

do the same thing? haha

noto_fml 0

or just say "that's weird, we're only dating cause you give good blowjobs".

13Lina97 0

what if she don't give him blowjobs?

this is when you say the same thing to her

musicphreakk 0

that sucks.

he'll be fine when he eventually looks like a guy she'd like to f*ck

tell her you are going out with her for the sex only

Great comeback! lol. Well just enjoy banging the dozy cow then ;)

abceasyas123abc 12

That's so not cool, OP. Normally I wouldn't condone spiteful revenge but maybe you should tell her you picture her hotter sister when you're in bed with her. Haha, actually no, no reaso to stoop to her level.

you're a dumbass and you'll never get ahead in this world

abceasyas123abc 12

I admit that may have been a lame comment but I'm getting along fine in life thank you very much.

abceasyas123abc 12

OP, there's no reason to stay in a relationship where you're not being respected as you deserve to be. It might be time to rethink this girl's status in your life.

He'll never get ahead in this world, will he, Freedome? coming from Someone who selfproclaims their ability to give blowjobs..

Well take it as a compliment you look like someone she wants to go out with :)

How is that good?

Hmm, you mean your ex-girlfriend, right?

treesdevin 0

i hope so

Sprklss 0

I don't get it, is that a bad thing?

Maybe you forgot to read the part where she said it's the only reason she's dating him. More than likely it's not, unless she's as shallow as the kiddie pool, but it's a fucked sentiment regardless.

Sprklss 0

Oh, thank you :)

Drop that potato like it's hot. Even if she is, because any girl that uses someone like that doesn't deserve to be a relationship.

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