By hk - 20/09/2016 15:29 - Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur

Today, I was introduced to the girl my current boyfriend went out with while dating me. FML
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It should've been more like "I met the girl my boyfriend cheated on me with", right?


RedCronos 17

Good time as any to get out of that relationship.

It should've been more like "I met the girl my boyfriend cheated on me with", right?

That's how I interpret it. The wording of it is just confusing.

When some people say "dating" they could mean they were going on dates but still not officially in a relationship, so it could be that OP was introduced to a girl her now-bf was also dating at the same time, whilst not actually being exclusive with either of them. That was how I read it, although admittedly I might be thinking too optimistically.

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Glad he's looking after your feelings. That's Insult to injury. The guys a prick.

Was he the one to introduce her? Like "hey we should all be friends".

there are literally billions of men in the world, there's gotta be one you could date who won't cheat on you. I've never understood why someone would stay with a cheater.

foaming 11

Because of love and nativity that the person can change

I might get thumbed down for this but I don't always think cheating should result in a break up. My ex boyfriends dad cheated on his mom and came clean. They were separated for a while and went to counseling and now they're back together and happier as ever and go on vacations very often just the two of them. "Once a cheater, always a cheater" isn't always true. Everyone makes mistakes and if the person comes clean and doesn't do it again and works to better themselves, I don't blame their partner for wanting to work it out.

There's an awesome TED talk about this by Esther Perel "Rethinking infidelity ... a talk for anyone who has ever loved". Definitely worth watching. And I agree with #12's controversial comment, while cheating should not be condoned, encouraged or the seriousness underplayed, calling for an immediate breakup might not be the best solution for every relationship.

#12. I'd have a better time forgiving if I was told right away, rather then finding out a month later. from someone else.

I don't completely disagree with you.. But one thing is forgiving your husband and father of your children with whom you have shared a life, and another very different is forgiving a boyfriend. There are many other men who would be a much better partner, so no one should settle for a cheater.

Hey, you beat her, right? He went out with her, but choose you, Pikachu!

Before everyone calls the boyfriend a cheater when op says dating does she mean exclusively or were just going on a few dates to see how they match up?