By Anonymous - 14/07/2019 04:30

Today, I found out that my husband only dated me because I look like what he thought the daughter he had with his first wife might look like when she's grown up. FML
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Make sure you leave him a good therapist’s number on your way out. Now I know why the old school mentality was blame the parents. If his daughter ever found that out, it would mess her up for life. Though the mother should be warned if the daughter is still a minor and he has visitation.

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Interesting. Never saw that before.

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so he wanted to marry his daughter? did he have sex with you at all?

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I’m pretty sure they have, lol they are married

Prez Donny Trump has said several times that he'd love to bang his daughter if they weren't related. If the Big Cheeto in Chief is okay with it then it must be cool.