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  CateXOX  |  0

I hate to be the YouTube nerd here, but YouTube removes any shock video, or anything including nudity or too much gore. 2 girls 1 cup is therefore NOT on there. That video was disgusting.

  firstrecon  |  0

shoopd: my bosses watched videos whenever there was nothing going on. I guess it depends on who and where you are. Small town Texas, for example we didn't always have any thing to do we were allowed such privileges, and I didn't lose the job it's seasonal, tax season is over I don't work there when there's nothing to work on. I did keep my job, so to speak, since I am expected next year.

By  paprikacha  |  9

You missed a great opportunity to Rickroll the people you work with. Or play that awful Friday video. When life gives you the chance to mess with people (in a benign way that won't get you shot in the head), do it! :D