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lol hopefully it wasnt nothing that bad

AliceStar, I hate to break it to you, but there's no such thing as "not on the Internet anymore" once it's there it's always there....somewhere


lol hopefully it wasnt nothing that bad

hope it wasn't something like 2 girls 1 cup :l

I hate to be the YouTube nerd here, but YouTube removes any shock video, or anything including nudity or too much gore. 2 girls 1 cup is therefore NOT on there. That video was disgusting.

2 girls 1 cup isn't even on the Internet anymore.

it actually is...

AliceStar, I hate to break it to you, but there's no such thing as "not on the Internet anymore" once it's there it's always there....somewhere

how the hell would you know that?

sooo it's motivation

whoops wrong fml

bet it was rebecca black

we need more info here. i hate posts like this. wtf were you watchin?

ughhh hate Rebecca black

I'm with 72, what were you watching and what did they say after it was over? Lol DETAILS. Plz.

must of been a good video for them to wait till the end to say something....

42 do u have zynga poker cause I swear you look like someone I played with..

strip poker on a web cam maybe, but other than that, naw.....

there's no porn on YouTube...

58- you ain't got much to strip anyway.

theres no porn on YouTube

Clearly he was watching one of my YouTube videos. So naturally everyone was speechless at the Amazingness.

Haha, you probably did them all a service if no one spoke up about it until after.

I'd much rather watch a video than work during a conference call. you did them a favor, be happy about it!

that's probably y they never told him. lol do realize you get paid to work and not mess around on YouTube, right? ydi for being an idiot

heh you've never had an office job have you??

Or maybe they have AND were able to keep it because they were actually working instead of watching videos

shoopd: my bosses watched videos whenever there was nothing going on. I guess it depends on who and where you are. Small town Texas, for example we didn't always have any thing to do we were allowed such privileges, and I didn't lose the job it's seasonal, tax season is over I don't work there when there's nothing to work on. I did keep my job, so to speak, since I am expected next year.

Atleast it wasn't redtube... Or you're censoring it by changing red to you?

i suspected the same thing.

You missed a great opportunity to Rickroll the people you work with. Or play that awful Friday video. When life gives you the chance to mess with people (in a benign way that won't get you shot in the head), do it! :D

how many people,after reading this comment went and checked if u did fyl

So they were supposed to tell you that you are an unmotivated idiot?!

As if they were any more motivated... it's about PRETENDING to be motivated.