By nonexistant - 29/10/2010 04:33 - United States

Today, a cute girl came up to me with her boyfriend and said, "If you end up looking like him, it's over." FML
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People like that are just plain mean. don't listen to them.

Ah, shallow women. Don't you just love it?


People like that are just plain mean. don't listen to them.

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just because you dont fit her idea of a good-looker, doesnt mean you arent to tonnes of other people

Ah, shallow women. Don't you just love it?

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For every 1 shallow woman,there's 5 douche bag men

daltreix 3

^ ^ feminist alert!! evacuate your stations!! lawlz :P

if you think about it though, the majority... or actually everyone evaluates by looks. Sad to say it, but it's true. The "cute girl" though seems to be one who considers looks above anything else.

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you should've said "hopefully you do man, cuz your chick is a straight biioootch!!"

Lol that's great, but it's hard to think bout stuff like that in the moment.

knibbsy 4

That's when you slap a bitch. I don't condone hitting girls, but that situation calls for it. You slap that bitch like there's no tomorrow.

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lol that could help,, o wait what about the boyfriend

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Hopefully he wises up and joins you.

What a shallow ****. Then again, 90% of girls are. **** 'em and leave I say. They don't deserve anything more you've obviously been burnt pretty badly by a girl.

no, I'm good thanks.. don't be a bitch cause your somewhat average boobs are obviously your only assets since you feel the need to display them Put it away ugly *****.

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she deserves a swift kick 2 her left breast! then see if her future ugly children get any milk then!!!

That is certainly a creative way of dealing with it lol, but, what about the other breast?