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So romantic

Today, my girlfriend decided to let me know that she almost left me for another guy not so long ago, because he was more handsome and talented than me. The reason she didn't leave, "He's out of my league; you're not." FML
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  Ambient25  |  24

OP is better off without her. I guarantee you 10 years from now she will have gained 75 pounds...It happened to the only girl who dumped me in high school...

  jizzwold  |  21

I think it's both unrealistic and egotistical to assume that you are the objectively best match for an SO. I think that almost everyone would rather have a person who started out better looking, more talented, or more understanding than who they have. Most of all, I think that "settling" is a normal and healthy part of human relationships. What makes the person that you settle for more valuable than anyone else in the world is not their objective strengths and weaknesses but the time and trust that you both put into the relationship. A new person won't know that you hate pistachios or that you love having your neck rubbed after a long day at work.

What keeps people together in a time of doubt is a fear of loss. I obviously don't know much about the op and his girlfriend but I think that some people are afraid to admit how much they fear being alone and so they stay with who will have them even if they know that they could have a chance with someone "better". To me this seems to apply to both the op and his girlfriend.

  dannnngthatsux  |  19

#89, you are right, the value is in the energy and time, of both of you. This girl is either trying to get a rise out of the guy or truly is a despicable person. Either way he should run to the nearest exit, not walk, and find someone else to share his heart and life with. If someone means so little to you that you would say this, you aren't worth the effort.

  \  |  28

But then OP would have to face charges for lewd conduct, as shitting on someone is frowned upon in many jurisdictions.