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Today, my new girlfriend was telling me how she's attracted to "All-American" looking guys. Tall, manly body, handsome face. Then she says, "But it's ok, you're cute too." FML
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when I think of an "all-American" guy I think of a fat slob that has gone to mcdonalds way too much. possibly a redneck


So what? She's dating you and she thinks you're cute. Get over it. You can't expect every girl to think you're the hottest thing ever.

she likes "All-American" looking guys? Does she happen to like rejects, too?

when I think of an "all-American" guy I think of a fat slob that has gone to mcdonalds way too much. possibly a redneck

hahahahah after reading this FML i immediately thought: "that's his definition of all-american looking guys"??! hahaha

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You're so ignorant it's not even funny..

Obviously, your girlfriend is not just attracted to "All American" looking guys if she's dating you.

I feel like America is about to get verbally pwned by people that disagree with that from other countries...

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no doubt. Sad but what can we do?

hit it a couple times, make her your ''old'' girlfriend, and save yourself the headache.

Or he could not be an asshole about it and just break it off and not use her for sex.

yea...where's the fun in that...besides, on a positive note, getting used for sex by a guy who's just ''cute'' to her may be humbling.

There's a huge difference in taking a small blow to your ego, which is easy to get over, and getting used by a guy she might really like, which can scar somebody. She didn't do anything wrong besides say something that came out wrong. For all we know she could have said it as a joke and OP is turning it into an insult. And sex shouldn't be just about "fun". It should be about experiencing something special with someone you love and care about. And whoever uses women for sex and nothing else is a complete ******** in my opinion.

well, it's unfortunate that your internet opinion is so strong....but shit, someone's gotta be a ********..

Yeah that's a great philosophy there. Makes a ton of sense.

Thanks, glad we could come to an agreement.

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And you fulfil that duty iincredibly well.

lol, duty. (sound it out) and man, as a redneck, you should be agreeing with me, I'm a little disappointed.

iljajlm - I think FML screwed up your user account or something. It's putting a blue box around your user picture at the bottom left there, instead of a pink one.

LMMFAO, I'm new to FML, but after about 30 second of wondering wtf you mean, I got it...haha ..good times.

And? If you'd be her mr. perfect she soon would be bored with you and would look for some other guy.