By Anonymous - United States - Blacksburg
Today, my elderly neighbour told me why my other neighbours don't talk to me. I'm a massage/physical therapist and treat clients, mostly athletes, in my home. My neighbours saw the steady stream of young, buff guys coming to my house and concluded that I'm a gay prostitute. FML
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  lex1459  |  38

OP can tell them anything he wants, but they probably won't fully believe him, so he may as well have fun with it. My brothers are cops, and them and their officer friends always come over when they're working on holidays to see the rest of the family. At one point last year, we had 4 squad cars in front of our house. I was recently pulled aside while babysitting to ask if I was okay, because apparently the neighbourhood now thinks we're involved in a high end drug ring. I cleared it up pretty quickly, but we still get avoided like the plague.

  OhWhoCares  |  42

Right?! I would've assumed OP had a large family, many friends, or depending on the size of OP's house, a private gym or something.... I sure wouldn't think that a prostitute would want their customers knowing where they live, so that conclusion wouldn't even cross my mind.