By FavreFan99 - 01/01/2010 17:01 - United States

Today, my girlfriend told me it was her fantasy to orgasm at midnight on New Years. We got started at 11:53. I didn't last until midnight. FML
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There are still options at that point...

??? are you the product of incest?


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hhahaha. I laughed a little.

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You can't get her off without your penis? sad...

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Haha, aw.. that is really sad.

read some sex books

There are still options at that point...

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hahah nice

sucks. I guess it wasn't a happy New years after all xD

maybe ur not that good..

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??? are you the product of incest?

ha ha @ ironwords! i was actually reading as that too!

Haha really? Wow you just amazed me with your stupidity!

hahahaha she sure sounds like it!

See, people get mad at foreigners working in the drive-through but it's people like this that really butcher the English language... SMH

Roseballs 2

why didn't you finger her

celvis excercise! I have no idea if I spelled that right (I'm a dane), sorry? xD