By Anonymous - 01/01/2011 05:19 - United States

Today, I was about to kiss my girlfriend right as the clock struck midnight for New Year's. She put her hand in front of my mouth, and broke up with me. FML
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Well atleast she completed her 2010 resolution!

Why didnt you say go make me a sandwich or have break-up sex?!?!

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Next New Years, stab her as the clock strikes midnight.

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she must be cheating on you ... mostly guilty feeling makes girls do that ... like turning down emotional advances while they are seeing somebody else behind the boy friend's back.

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no it was her 2009 resolution....!

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Well it's a new year. Start fresh perhaps? That does suck though haha.

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Sorry OP, but it's a new year get a better girlfriend!(:

Lols Hello there fellow newbie ^_^ OP stands for original poster, I asked the same question yesterday hahahaha ! :) HAPPY NEW YEAR  !

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i agree thats soooo disguisting ....

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8h comment! Lol but dag that was a bad hit

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you should of put your hand over her mouth so couldn't break up with you.

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I hope her resolution wasn't to quit being a bitch. That would be the quickest resolution failure of all time.