By Proposal Fail - 01/01/2015 05:47 - United States - Holbrook

Today, my proposal to my girlfriend was supposed to be exactly when the ball dropped at midnight. Unfortunately my mother called her at 11:55pm to ask her if she liked the ring. FML
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xninix_fml 36

Damn that ******* sucks. Sorry op.

Oh well it happens. Happy new year to you (hopefully she said yes)


xninix_fml 36

Damn that ******* sucks. Sorry op.

I guess you could say that OP's mum really dropped the ball with this one.

Oh well it happens. Happy new year to you (hopefully she said yes)

expertsmilee 26

I feel like that might have been purposeful.

Some people can't keep a secret, or maybe her clock is fast

xninix_fml 36

I was kinda thinking that too. If it was that's really messed up on his mom's part. Op I hope she said yes :)

But if you think about it all she had to do was watch the ball drop on tv to know exactly when he proposed

Lafayo 9

I was about to say the same thing! smh.. good luck to you OP!

Well, I hope she said yes. Congrats OP.

kirbs19 37

She might not have been able to hear you when the ball dropped though!

if he got down on one knee with a ring in his hand... i don't think she needs to hear that

Way to drop the ball mom! Happy new year anyhow op. Hope she said yes regardless.

FroggerForReal 11

a happy surprise for a happy new year but maybe you should've not Todd your mom about proposing to her and surprised her too after midnight. But still I hope you two have a great life together

Ugh it's so frustrating when people ruin plans, but I guess she was just excited for you. Hope the proposal went well :)