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Today, I gave my girlfriend an orgasm. It was great until mid-gasm when she swung her arm out and knocked me out. She still can't stop laughing. FML
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Lmfaooooooo xD I wouldn't stop laughing either :p

Either she's pretty strong, or he can't take a hit for shit. Either way, it's pretty damn funny

Don't need to be super strong. Orgasms give you super strength, one of the first times my husband was using a toy on me and it worked he started laughing cause it felt weird to him, I slapped him so hard he fell off the bed. We still laugh about that over a year later.

That is really funny but then again not so funny when you feel like got hit in face with a bat. Trust me some girls pack a punch.

Wild girlfriend uses ******. It's attack greatly increases. Wild girlfriend uses flail. It's super effective!

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Dude this fml is just golden OP got knocked the **** out during sex the other guys are gonna have trouble topping that one lmao

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You need to learn to take a hit..

You can't fix a glass jaw man, but he should learn to have some head movement during his rough sex sessions.

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How hard do you have to hit someone during sex to knock them out

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Hard enough that they don't get back up

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Dude, nice secret squirrel wrap. You got that with the commandos in cape wrath Scotland huh?

at least you gave her an ******? ask for more sex as compensation, but wear a goalies mask.

Always use protection,some people need more then others though

Oh, what a night, late December back in '63 What a very special time for me As I remember what a night! Oh what a night, You know I didn't even know her name But I was never gonna be the same What a lady, what a night!

I honestly think that's pretty freaking funny. If it annoys you that much though you should just talk to her about it.

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I couldn't agree more. If your wife punching you in the face during sex annoys you, have a word with her because she might not know you don't enjoy it!

^ One of the few comments that actually made me laugh. Good job.

At least you blew her away OP, but she sure is a knockoff.

I never understood why people use more than one question mark. Unless they were being sarcastic.

because he was there to witness the beginning, but he can't remember the end