By silverstar189 - 01/01/2010 15:41 - United States

Today, the 6 year old girl I was babysitting asked me, "Why are you so ugly? Are you an alien? Because aliens are about as ugly as you are." FML
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No offense but little kids speak the truth.


No offense but little kids speak the truth.

I have to agree with #1.. but I would say it's more like... they speak what they think is true. That girl might think you're ugly, but other people might be thinking otherwise. So don't beat yourself up over it.

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To #26: The "it" in your comment was redundant because that's what the I in YDI stands for. Basically what I'm getting at is that you're retarded.

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i have to agree with #76 and i would rather be a nazi any day then a retard who must have a sucky life to make a comment like that.

Mutha Truckah!!.. How does this kid know what actual aliens look like??.. Also, I consider the kid's comments to be racist.. Not all aliens are ugly.. I doubt they all look the same.. You shouldn't stereotype an entire race, or races, based on incorrect assumptions.. XD


Did she mean an illegal alien or an outer space kind of alien?

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My mom always thought that Angelina Jolie looks like an alien, so if that's what the girl meant; how you doin'.

lol omg so true #1... haha aliens r green too

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LOL it's funny. When I was little around that age, I was in a restaurant with my family.. I asked why a black man was so dirty. ._.

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Lol when I was little I asked a black family why they had a was their baby..

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Ouchh...time to tech him some manners?

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"6 year old girl" GIRL. HER.

or IT, if you are a sexist bastard


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#1 u haven't even met her so how do you know ?!

#1 is right even if #1 doesn't know who the OP is, my older brother did something similar to that around that age, he asked why a woman in a supermarket was fat.

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you should've said yes then controlled her under threat of eating her brains and liver muhahahaha that's sad... it sucks that you're an ugly alien

"Well, did you know aliens are actually particularly fond of eating children? Especially the rude ones."

This would definitley be the best way to handle it haha. Haha but it would kind of scare the little girl, I guess. :P

She was probably just mad cuz you told her to go to sleep or brush her teeth or something. You are pathetic for caring what a little kid says.

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I would have slapped them into the next decade

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Haha, maybe some people consider alien looking women beautiful. There is someone out there for everyone.