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Today, my girlfriend's Marine dad walked in on us fooling around naked. Now we can only hang out with "parental supervision". Oh, and I have to record my visits on a clipboard by the door. FML
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No cavity search? You're getting off easy.

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If your girl's worth, it's worth it.


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Kinky (sexuality) - adj - showing or appealing to bizarre or unusual tastes Now that I've defined the word for you, will you use it correctly?

More like "horridly awkard and embarrassing"

to be honest, lucky you didn't get your ass kicked

Why, 62, are you saying marines are prone to violence?

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Be thankful that he did not shove your head up your own ass

I have met some really adorable and sweet marines. They are just incredibly overprotective, and in OP's case I don't blame the girl's dad.

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As Marines, we are definitely prone to violence, you should see us alone when we have nothing else to do but hurt each other

Is your girlfriend an Eskimo? Mm good? Real good? Good for you and good for me?

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I'm sure that ANY good father is prone to violence wen confronted with a naked guy in his daughters bed. Op is lucky he has full use of all body parts and functions at this point

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^when* Wow...I rarely comment and when I do, autocorrect makes me look like a dumbass. 0.o

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79- It isn't that Marines are prone to violence.. It's that fathers are protective of their daughters.. ESPECIALLY when she is caught NAKED with her punk ass boyfriend who is stupid enough to mess around with her while her parents are home.. If I were the Dad, the boy wouldn't have been able to post the FML about what happened.

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...and she would be in just as much trouble, right? Because I'm sure he didn't force her to strip.

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desireev 17

133- I just read through the comments. You just said the exact same thing I said and you're questioning what I said? You had the same exact opinion as I do. Soooo... Did your opinion change? Or are you just looking for an argument?

Almighty_Chris97 6

143 So you can't engage in any sexual activity until you move out? That's dumb...

thatKidzmOm 10

No. I am not looking for an argument...I think Internet arguing is pointless and dumb. I was merely pointing out the reverse side of the coin. Protective fathers tend to forget that there are 2 parties involved. :-D

No 79, more along the lines of a Dad catching a boy/guy with his daughter would be disgusted and obviously angry. Military can just most likely make you more miserable for being disrespectful. I assume since dad walked in, they were in his house. So yeah, OP is lucky that's all he got.

thatKidzmOm 10

And for the record, my opinion is that op is lucky to have gotten off so easily. Not that he's a dumb punk ass boyfriend. Just thought I'd straighten that out. :-D

145 talk about fail thinking you had a fight to pick

desireev 17

146- You need to re-read my comment. I said that people are going to have sex. It's inevitable. You can't avoid it. And, unfortunately, the starting age is getting younger and younger.. BUT if you're going to have sex, you can do it elsewhere than your parents house! I did not say that you can't have sex until you move out. I said do it elsewhere. I also said that that is the great thing about growing up. You have your own house to have sex in whenever and wherever you want! But until you get your own house, have some damn respect and don't have sex in your parents house! Now THAT is what I said! It is utterly ridiculous to think that I said you can't have sex until you move out! Taking things out of context will get you nowhere. Read my comment thoroughly before you question me about what I said.

desireev 17

163- I did not think I had a fight to pick. I KNEW I had a point to prove. Now 163. Talk about a FAIL of lookin like you knew something about something. P.S.: I don't need your "Pass or Fail" to make comments. So until you have something legitimate or smart to say, butt out.

desireev 17

152- Sorry for coming off like that. Most of the time, when I make a comment, somebody always wants to make a rebuttal to what I said and I was just making sure. I'll debate with anyone any day, anytime.. But I won't argue. Especially over the Internet. :) So I agree with you. But I fully agree with the flip-side-of-the-coin thing. The daughter would be in HUGE trouble, if I were the Dad. Probably in more trouble because she knew my rules and broke them anyway. Also because she full-fledged disrespected me in my own damn house! But that's only if I were the Dad. I'm a little bit old fashioned though. :)

174 Could you please elaborate on how having sex is disrespectful? I really don't see the connection there, but then most people where I live have a more open relaxed way of viewing these things. Personally, unless I had to clean the shit up after or it inhibited me in some way, I wouldn't object to it.

Almighty_Chris97 6

165 - seems you are right, sorry about that.

desireev 17

Dammit people!! Having sex is not disrespectful or not allowed or derogatory in any way, shape, or form!! (I'd prefer it if 13 year olds weren't doing it. But Hey, that's just my opinion!) What I am saying is DISRESPECTFUL is having sex in your parents house! And it is! Having sex isn't disrespectful. But in your parents house, it is!!! How many times do I have to explain it? I mean, c'mon!! Read the comments THOROUGHLY before you question me about what I said! Because, obviously, you didn't read them, if that's what you got from what I said. Use your noggin and re-read my previous comments. Once again,(and, hopefully, the last time I have to explain it) Having sex is NOT disrespectful!!! But having sex in your PARENTS HOUSE is!!!

how many ******* comments are you going to rack up on this thread?

199 I was clearly asking why it was disrespectful to do that in your parents house. But of course if you want to go off your nut over a simple question then kiss my ass. I'm sorry I made any attempt to understand your stupid opinion.

desireev 17

207- Actually, your EXACT words were, "Could you please elaborate on how having sex is disrespectful?" Never once did you say anything about 'in the parents house'.. And honey, opinions are like assholes. Everyones got one. And for you to insult mine just makes your opinion look immature and childish. You asked the damn question! So I answered it for you. You wanted me to "elaborate" for you, so I did. Apparently it wasn't the answer you wanted. So while you're throwing out insults, pucker up and kiss my ass. I answered your question and you didn't like the answer. There's nothing more I can do for you. :)

desireev 17

For the person who asked how many times I'm going to comment, I'll comment as much as I ******* want to. Hence the 'reply' button. That button means I can do so as much as I want for as long as I want. I hope you like seeing my face! :) And the other commenter who's talking about people having sex in their parents house being okay or what not. You may have a friend who's parents are just so kind to make 'special time' for their teenage daughter in their house, but most parents aren't like that. And I don't care how many parents allow their children to have sex in their home, it's still rude and very disrespectful. Like I said earlier, you can't blame the younger generation for how they act. Blame the people who raised it. And kudos to the parents who are raising their children right!!

236, Actually you didn't. You've essentially claimed that the existence of your statement is self proving. It isn't. You're yet to answer my question, much as you're yet to respond like a rational person. To this point you can refrain from elaborating now as I no longer care.

I just can't express how much I like turrdles. That is all. :)

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O.o holy shit...calm yourself... How did this turn into an argument? I fail to see the part where shit started hitting the fan...

237- Parents are entitled to raise their offspring the way they want to. We aren't supposed to all conform to the same "right" style of parenting. If we all did that, our kids would all be clones. And that would be freakish. Letting teens have designated sexy time in the house is really not a bad thing. Most teens have sex in highschool, and if they aren't allowed to have it at their house, they'll find other, way worse environments to do so. Such as parks, bathrooms, cars & cheap hotel rooms. Good parents make sure kids have and are using condoms AND birth control. Kids SHOULD be able to trust at least one of their parents to ask for help accessing appropriate contraceptives. If they aren't available to teens, they can contract lifelong diseases. Or get pregnant. I really don't think that parents encouraging their kids to have sex in SAFE places, with partners they know is a bad thing. Unless they don't assure that its protected sex.

I don't want to sound stupid but why is it disrespectful to have sex in you parents house? And if it is where is sex supposed to happen? Also, there is no right or wrong way to bring up children in this particular question because disrespect is an opinion, some people find it disrespectful and others don't. Therefore, since it is an opinion based thing, if the parents condone it, sex in their house is not disrespectful. Finally, technically since respect (in this particular question especially) is a matter of opinion, there is no right or wrong answer, just depends on the parents and how liberal, how free-thinking they want themselves and their children to be. If that logic makes any sense. Also, I agree with 213, and would only add that the parents should condone it as well because it is their house. I also agree fully with 254.

Thanks Island- you just saved the thread from all the blah diddy blah crap and made me laugh. Thumbs UP!

This is cool. We write novels on FML now.

No offense desireev, but I kinda got the impression that you were really jumping at people for their responses. For example, mistaking 133's comment as a potential argument when it was clearly harmless, going off the wall on downtime's question and taking it as an insult to your opinion when he/she was just stating his own opinion and asking for clarification. My point: chill, not everyone's out there to try to start an argument with you, and clearly none of those people were with the possible exception of 163, who basically voiced what I have to say here more bluntly. But you did not have to meet his comment in the way you did; learn to fight fire with water, not just fire. Most people were merely asking questions and voicing their own opinions.

The difference between a debate and an argument is that people are respectful to each other during a debate, presenting points calmly and courteously. The others were willing to just that, but downtime just got annoyed by the fact that you seemed to have overreacted over his question.

Continuing what I was saying... desireev If you're calling yourself a person that "never makes arguments online" but is " always ready to debate," then I recommend you only start debating with others when you know what debating means. It does not mean taking other people's comments personally and then bashing on them for "insulting your opinion" when they were not. It means acting more receptive of what people have to say.

I apologize if you do feel that I seriously misinterpeted your comments. This is just constructive criticism. My advice would be not to seek to debate and constantly prove your point at all if you want to show that you are accepting of other people's opinions an can handle their voice.

Here's a thought that appears to be foreign to this thread: Dont have sex! And I know what you're thinking: "So MedKits, you're telling me that it IS, in fact, POSSIBLE for humans to control their urges?!? Don't worry anonymous questioner, I have the answer for you right here: Derp.

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Save sex until marriage. It's the way God made it to be, and it's how it should be.

Desireev - where would you want people to have sex then? Surely having sex in the privacy of your own bedroom is more respectful than having sex in a movie theatre, or down at the local park...are you suggesting that you should not have sex until you own your own house? It's not as if we are condoning going at it right on the dining room table during the middle of dinner, obviously some discretion is involved...

237-just, please, put the shovel down. A.K.A stop trying.

So I guess you're saying it's better that the young people that live at home are having sex outside, in public and at parties? I agree that 13 would be young, but parents shouldn't go and interrupt your private life like that, maybe just talk to their kids about safe sex and such. My dad was open about it and suggested that we should go the GP to get birth control pills when I was 14/15, which is way better than trying to stop your kids from having sex, it won't happen.

GoW_Chick 14

Desireev you have like 9 comments on here trying to argue your point, but no one was really arguing with you ... You really must like to type, more power to you then.

Inb4 shitstorm... Oh damnit I'm too late. Inb4 50 replies that have nothing to do with the original comment.

SmallBean 12

Most of the people who responded to this comment are idiots...

Arguing on the Internet is like being in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded.

Desireev = Trollololol Stop feeding her, and those flames on her back will sputter out like a candle in a sealed jar!

so desireev, if you admit its inevitable for teens to have sex, and you're not saying that they can't have sex until they move out, but its disrespectful to do it in their patents house, where should they do it?

Does your ass and knob permanently throb?

Why would it autocorrect it to the incorrect spelling of wen? Is your autocorrect on the dyslexic setting?

Everyone! Attention everyone! Testicles! That is all.

thatKidzmOm 10

331...if you've never encountered autocorrect before, you should know that it is completely and totally retarded at times. Why, in all the world, are you questioning my autocorrect? -.-

desireev 17

272- I took it personal when I was told by someone to kiss their ass and they said I have a stupid opinion anyway. If I'm not mistaken, saying someones opinion is stupid is an insult. And also, my opinion is just as valid as everyone elses, isn't it? Hence the "Freedom of speech."

130, the first statement in your description is misleading

MerrikBarbarian 9

Sex in a parents house is disrespectful because it is their house and their rules. If they have said they don't want you having sex there and you do, it's a sign of disrespect to them. It's fine if your parents are ok with it, but most parents I know aren't. As for where to have sex, my dear children, it's called a motel. You can rent them as low as $40 a day- the same price you'd pay for a dinner out or a trip to the movies- less then you pay for the theatre. There are also very untraveled stairwells if you don't want to shell out cash, of you know where to look. Handy? Build a treehouse- with locks.

Almighty_Chris97 6

Desireev - I don't want to argue, but where would you suggest they go?

Fiskerz 0

I see this trend starting where the same person is trying to start a "fight" with everyone.. Can they just get banned?:)

How is having consensual sex with your partner disrespectful?

No cavity search? You're getting off easy.

lebronesque73091 12

You should've been more careful, especially with a parent in the military.

I read your profile and thought..."she has **** and a brain, that quite and uncommon encounter"

You're lucky that's ALL... He is/was in the military after all.

xVITOx 0

Cant take u seriously with that picture

GoW_Chick 14

I am a girl, and even all I could think about was boobs when I read your comment. XD

tjv3 10

#2 I'm in love... Do you believe in love at first sight?? ;)

81, go look at ****. There's plenty more where those came from.

He is getting off easy lol people seem to forget that its fairly easy to lie or sneak around parents if fooling around naked is your goal ;p

Sorry 2 i mean no disrespect but... Ill get off easy with THAT picture ;). (again please dont take me too seriously)

Read 2's description, she thinks she the new Einstein. Too bad for her, he didn't take slutty pictures! But it's good for us!

Beavis and Butthead: Gov't agent: "do a full cavity search, don't stop till you reach the back of his teeth" .... Beavis: "whoa, did I just score?" This isn't really related, but I felt like mentioning it

drlove78843 6

2- I guess you're not a smart ass. Your a smart boobs.

boundbytheanimus 9

I have **** and a brain. I know I have a brain because I'm annoyed at your comment, 34, and your extremely dense generalizations. I know I have **** because I've seen them with my own eyes, which, fascinatingly enough, are functioning BECAUSE of my brain. It's amazing, isn't it?

nublets 12

132- it's the size of the **** that help figure it out, normally more of one is less of the other. And thanks for pointing out basic physiology

GoW_Chick 14

I love how all those guys hitting on you on your thread have been erased. XD

Schizomaniac 24

Next time make her come to your house for safety.

drlove78843 6

That's why it's not fun to read old FMLs replies. The fun stuff always get erased of them :(

Im surprised your dad didnt beat the shit out of ur bf

211, read the third word of the FML. Please.

PYLrulz 17

203 - I agree. I get why the mods delete stuff, but sometimes, I just wonder what kind of douchebag someone really is.

Jakesterk96 8

If your girl's worth, it's worth it.

IamAbc 2

Your lucky you didn't get worst.

IamAbc 2

It is the Internet who really cares? It's not grammar class... If you're that OCD about correcting that you have issues.

Wow everyone is disliking this comment just because of a grammar problem.. What has this world come to?../:

This may only be the internet, but being too lazy to not put an apostrophe and an e into a word sure doesn't sound like the smartest thing to do.

Both "that" and "who" work, plus you're being hypocritical by calling him a loser and doing it at the same time. Oh, and could*

KiddNYC1O 20

AHH the marines the few the proud. Which is incidentaly the kind of visits he'll be having. OK well maybe not proud but definately few

desireev 17

37- SO DID EVERYONE ELSE!! Why does everyone say that?? Everybody saw it! Does it mean that they feel special when they see it? Or that they want a reward for it? A cookie? A golden star? A celebratory party?! *BREAKING NEWS* You do NOT get a reward when you see a pun on the Internet! The only thing you receive is the satisfaction of knowing that you're not a COMPLETE IDIOT! :)

Almighty_Chris97 6

134 - was that really worth raging over?

SolarGirl32 6

134, I feel sorry for you. You're such an angry person. Seriously, you should look into some anger management classes or a prescription for Prozac or something before you end up with an ulcer. For your own sake, get help. I'm sure you're now going to rage at me, but it doesn't matter because I only ever use this on my iPhone and don't ever bother to sort through the comments to check for replies.

134, it's called an Internet meme. Maybe you should google the phrase and learn for yourself why it's so popular rather than raging over it?

LoveMay 10

134 - please calm the **** down. You say on your profile you're a very nice 'gal' and fighting with you is like fighting with a sweet old lady. Well I don't know where you're from, but over here, little old ladies do not cuss people out for using Internet memes

keyboo 0

That was uncalled don't you think?? Maybe just a little 134 ?? I know this was said but I feel it could use it again bc that was an extreme way to react

Well at least he didn't try to join in.

aus1095 4

That's not twisted by any means...

GoW_Chick 14

164- why do you want want to be thumbed down? I need details before I make such a rash decision.

4wow4 0

this comment made my day :) thx xD

That is what OP was trying to do to his girl, and look where that got him.

phoenixslayer69 4

HUA - Heard, Understood, Acknowledged.

#55 real life marines say that too you f*cking nerd

It's actually ooah you know just stating the facts

Brandon_ryan 0

your picture was cool until I saw it was in kilometers

JeterArmy 0

That's the Army, Marines is either oorah or hoorah

Oasispetro1 4
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oh my gosh! I have a lot of people in my family in the military and I can relate to the girl. always overprotective, don't take it personal. the dad does not want his daughter to appear "easy"... like any dad. be more careful and disrespect her. her dad will kick your ass!

desireev 17

More like YDI for being COMPLETELY disrespectful and messing around in your parents house. That is the reward of GROWING UP! You can mess around in your OWN HOME whenever you want! Until then, have some respect for the people who pay your bills, feed your ass, and put you on this earth!

lizard399 0

135, you sound completely stupid. It's normal, not disrespectful. Not to say that just because it's normal that the dad should allow it, but it's what everyone should expect when their kid gets a certain age. I can't even comprehend the reason why anyone should wait for stuff like that till they pay their own bills, those things have nothing in common.

190 What if ops girl is still in HS? She's just a little girl, would you as a parent think it would be fine catching your little girl doing very adult things? I would be PISSED plus he pays the bills his house his rules. Want to live by your own rules? Buy your own place pay your own bills. Have respect for your parents. I completely agree with what 135 said.

235 I do not disagree with what you had previously posted. In my opinion I'm still a child at 19 years old. The point of my statement is that her father obviously sees her as his little girl and wouldn't want her to do that. Not to mention they broke his trust and disrespected him by doing that.

mommapanda 0

235-However, according to the law in the U.S., "adult" is often defined as 18 years of age or older. Thus, despite your sixteen-year-old body being an adult biologically, legally you are not, and unless you are legally emancipated from your parents at an age younger than 18 year old and still in your parents' custody, you should still obey your parents' rules. And I have to agree with the point desireev has been trying to make: if you live under your parents' roof, no matter your age, give your parents respect and refrain from having sex in their home.

281 unfortunately being biologically old enough doesn't fly to well with many parents as a reason. Most parents don't want to think of their child doing that because no matter how old you are, your parents probably see you as younger.

There's so much more to becoming an adult than just "starting your period." There's maturity, emotional intelligence, financial readiness, etc. In our society, we have 18 years of schooling that the government deems necessary to mature and properly ready for the world around them. Other countries that have a younger adult age tend to be poorer and less educated. Possibly because of the needed help to survive, they must also work at a younger age. Biologically goes through a lot of changes during adolescence, being very formative years and is a crucial period of development, where it says teens often lack judgement because the area in the prefrontal lobe that controls for less impulsive behaviors is developing. So, yes, it is necessary for parents to actually parent their children through this phase of development.

desireev 17

It is so refreshing to see that someone else understands what I've been talking about. :)

294 exactly on point. If I were her father I would be pissed of as well. Yes sex is natural do it have fun with your life what ever floats your boat but do it when you are a mature adult and are able to think rationally. Most HS kids are unable to do so why do you think MTV has a show called teen pregnancy or whatever it's really called. Now if you walked in on your daughter messing around with her boyfriend under your own household wouldn't you lose trust in her? Also to top it off he's known to op as a marine so wouldn't messing around with his daughter in HIS house say RED ALERT!? Idk that just seems like common sense to me but I'm way more old fashioned than most people are nowadays. Oh well just my two cents on this

313 I'm old fashioned like you. I've been known and labeled the prude at my old HS but at least I wasn't one of the other girls getting kicked out of school for being pregnant (yes my school actually did that so it wouldn't get a bad rep. They would send those girls to a continuation school in the main HS or if they didn't want Togo they would completely change schools.) I believe in earning respect from your parents. I mean hell they put a rough over my head keep my belly full and give me good educational opportunities so ya I would do my best to pay them back. :)

desireev 17

I know whatcha mean! :) I was "the prude" and "the goody-two-shoes" in my school. It was really hard on me, at the time. But now I'm so thankful for my parents raising me the way they did. And I'm thankful for the fact that I was that way in HS. I feel like it paid off for me. I feel like it made me a good person. :)

keyboo 0

I am not thinking that 281 is saying it's not disrespectful I feel they are saying that it depends on the parent like me with my kids I do not like them saying words such as crap suck fart butt or dang I feel it is disrespectful now my sister with her daughter find no problem with it at all so therefore doesn't find it disrespectful respect isn't fact based it's opinion based so if ppl have to agree to disagree then fine do it that how a lot of debates turn out anyway I love to see views expressed in an adult fashion and classy way and by what I have read from some they totally missed the boat on it P.s I didn't proof read and iPhones suck so I apologize for any mistakes :)

desireev 17

135- I am quite offended that you called me 'stupid'. I believe that I am quite far from stupid. And I have done nothing to show that I am stupid. So if you could refrain from throwing out labels, I'd really appreciate it. That being said, I'll move on to the next subject. Never once did I say in any of my comments that sex isn't normal and it shouldn't be done. I love having sex! I have it every single day! I have a child. So I have had sex.. And lots of it. But I'm also an adult and I've paid my dues and I have earned the right to, if you will.

desireev 17

And I have only ever had sex with one person and that is the father of my beautiful son. I don't "sleep around" or "have naked fun". Sex is an amazing thing and I hope that everyone is able to do it one day. But not when they are 13, 15, even 16. They obviously live under their parents roof for a reason. If they were able to handle adult responsibilities like having sex, paying bills, full-time job, etc.. They would have their own house at that young age. But they don't. They are not mature enough to do so.

desireev 17

In this world today, it is asking alot to ask young people not to have sex. So I, nor will anyone else, ask them to stop having sex. But they could, at least, not do it in their parents house. I don't care what anybody says.. No parent wants to see their child having sex! Especially in their own home. But the world has become what it has become and parents, at this point, are just trying to make sure their kids are safe by giving them condoms, birth control, etc.. They know they can't stop their kids from doing it, so at least make sure they're doing it safely.

desireev 17

The absolute lowest the 'sex age' is anywhere is 16 years old. And that is with parental consent and the other person must be within 3 years of age. (3 years older because it's "illegal" for anyone under 16 to have sex.) There are a lot of stipulations to the matter. And if 16 was old enough to have sex, then there wouldn't be so many stipulations to it, would there?

How did they broke his trust by having sex? Did he force them to promise him they won't have sex or what? And kids are not your ******* property just because you pay the bills. You wanted children and once you have them it's YOUR OBLIGATION to take care of them and provide for them. They don't owe you shit. Ofc parents will have rules and they are needed but if you want a slave or have total control over someone then don't have kids and just play The Sims. I don't know how your parents raised you that you think being intimate with your partner is considered taboo, disrespectful. I would prefer my children having a place where they can have sex safely and have them informed about contraception and safe sex rather than forbidding them intimacy inside the house, keeping them uninformed about it and depriving them of their privacy and healthy relationships. OP's partner's father is a lunatic and all he did with his actions is push his daughter away from him. Now she knows she can't confide in him about her relationships and she'll just find another place to have sex, where people won't invade her privacy.

afunnyterdcody 5

Dont ever mess with a marines daughter or private pile with getcha

squirrel1215 5

Not kidding, I JUST saw that movie yesterday. It was messed up. Not really something to joke about, in my opinion.

afunnyterdcody 5

That's why only mush heads join the marines I mean yea there important but so are janitors but I'm glad I'm in the coast guard

Only 'mush heads' join the marines? Are you kidding??

squirrel1215 5

#171: There are so many things wrong with what you said, to explain them all would take up too much space on here. So I will say this: No.

keyboo 0

My dad was in the army so he had jokes too I think every branch has jokes about the other all in good fun

JayByrd13 6

that sucks.. at least y'all can still date?

Actually next time, go elsewhere. Show the parents some respect by not doing that in their home.

But they train marines in breaching rooms... So the door doesn't stand a chance

KiddNYC1O 20

40- LOL. Imagine how embarrassing that'd be in slow motion?

salvorican 24

I can just see the military dad say this... "I'm respecting your privacy by knocking but I'm asserting my authority as a parent by coming in anyway!"

Imagine how ******* awesome that would be in slow-motion!

hahnot81 0

lmao is that line from fairlyoddparents? #myparentsdntknowwhentostopmakingkids

desireev 17

10- OR show some damn respect by not ******* around in the house that is not yours to do so in!! It is OPs PARENTS HOUSE!! NOT HERS! And locking the door is only saying, "Hey parents! F**K YOU! I know that this is your house and that you don't want me having sex or messing around in it.. But I'm going to lock the door and do it anyway! Thanks for doing everything under the sun for me, but I'm going to completely disrespect you anyway!"

desireev 17

I re-read the FML. OP is the boyfriend. But That just makes it worse. It's not his house to be ******* around in. YDI YDI YDI YDI YDI

desireev 17

The thing is that it wasn't HIS HOUSE to make that decision in! It is quite obvious that OPs girlfriends dad was NOT okay with them having 'naked fun' in HIS house! Once again, it was not his house to make the decision in! No matter what his "culture" is!!

139 chill.. I wasn't Attacking you, I was just leaving a comment to the post ..

Wow, so many fights over this post! I'm sure you were all perfect little virgin teenagers, right? HAHA

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I have never post so much on FML but come on calm down with ur cussing and Capitol letters you are taking this stuff like it was ur daughter and they slapped u in the face with a pregnancy test ur going on about respect but ur showing very little yourself if you don't like a comment that is made skip it don't cuss at them and "yell" type at them come on how old are we ppl

You said not to do it in your parents' house. OP did that and somehow that is even worse? Make up your mind. While you're at it, make a list of "respectable" locations to have sex it. Or take it to the next level and decide which positions are "respectful to your parents". Maybe something like, "don't face the direction of your home while sucking a dick because it is disrespectful"?