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  fthislyfe  |  22

Well, one time I had an exam and I hadn't studied enough, so I didn't wear make up in order to pretend I'm sick. When my prof saw me he was really shocked and he said it was ok if I didn't do well on the exam...look at the bright side

  YacL  |  15

I still don't really get makeup. I understand that it's suppose to make you look prettier, but what I don't understand is why girls cake that shit on their face. So I guess you could say I don't understand why girls would make it look like their face got banged by Crayola.

  Uscdrew1  |  7

That reminds me of that one Twilight Zone episode where there's all the ugly people that are normal and the one girl who looks normal but is deemed ugly. Watched that one today, ironically enough.

  Randuhh_17  |  4

no, she can be really beautiful! but if you wear too much, and cape it on every day, it can discolor you... have you seen Kim kardashian with no make up! she's pretty, but around her eyes and stuff she looks sickly.

  Bekeliyr  |  10

o god. ironically I thought the pic was fake when he posted about the OP being fake. but it makes sense to me now. After reading some of the comments the pic might be real since he's a total douche.

By  goodluckcharm  |  0

that sucks OP. i don't normally wear make up but every one tells me i look better without it. it could go either way: with/with out make up for me.

i know what u mean tho, people thought i was crying and sick at work but it was really allergies.

  slkdw  |  1

I'm sure that makes OP feel a lot better. you pointing out the fact that you look better without make-up and her boss sent her home because he thought she looked sick. way to FAIL!

  goodluckcharm  |  0

so u must be the idiot that thumbed down my comment. no, i'm just telling her that i know what she means but that people shouldn't be wearing make up all the time and be their natural selves.

oh, and i'll be thumbing down your dumb comment as well. :)

  effedml  |  5

Are you seriously tracking your "thumbs down"? I've read the comments from the bottom up & you have several posts complaining about thumbs down! lol...i wish i could thumb you down from my phone. you need to relax. & learn how to reply to comments instead of starting a new post.

  a_nutritionist  |  10

wow, really? ...really?
"omg heres like a story about me that is nothing like your story i just wanna tell people im like totally good looking unlike you cos youre like so like ugly omg"
thats pretty much what i just read.


It obviously wasn't a mask if he recognized her. Honestly, she probably just looked a lot more pale than normal, and had dark circles. I also sometimes think my eyes look tired no matter how much sleep I get unless I'm wearing at least a bit of mascara. No big deal OP :)

  jerilyn333a  |  0

I'm pretty sure she doesn't wear that much if he recognized her. usually I don't recognize people if they put a fake mask on. I put a lot of products on but it doesn't make me have a mask. and I don't because my mom is a professional make up artist and I know a lot of tips. people say I look more tired or stressed but I'm not.