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By ifeeldirty - 27/10/2011 12:22 - United States

Today, my dad walked in on me and my girlfriend having sex. His only reaction was to mutter, "Put some back into it, son." before awkwardly sidling out. FML
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She workin that back but you don't kno how to act? Slow motion for her? Slow motion for her? Ah damnit. I hate that song. Now it is stuck in lé head

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Well? Did you put your back into it?

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Well his Dad Is more experienced Maybe he'll teach op some of his moves. Maybe even a signature/special move when the bar is full.

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Whats OP complaining for? His dad seems awesome

I wonder what his girlfriend was thinking...

words of wisdom.. make sure to remember it next time

181- Probably... Today, my boyfriend's dad walked in on my boyfriend and me having sex, and muttered something like, "put some back into it, son," then walking out awkwardly. FML

At least he didn't stop you; he wants you to finish what you started, and that's a good dad


I'm not sure why, but this reminds me of Hank Hill.

lol this is an fml y? he handled that the best way possible, it's an fml because ur dad walked in but the fact that he made a positive comment is amazing and lessens the awkwardness factor lol

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Quit doing pushups on her and get in there!

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How about we go with.... No...? I don't think you're quite above the thinking level of a 11 year old...

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yup nothing turns me on more than my dad's dick inside my girlfriend.

# 3, you forgot to write "LOL". I bet you wish the OP was called Luke, right?

Father-son activities are nice, Not

I accidentally slept with my son once... Is that the same?

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How do you accidently sleep with your son?

Im all for weird sex acts but thats just f*cked up.

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maybe because its peter griffin and hes staying in character and he slept with his son chris. cmon people lighten the **** up.

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Take his advice; he's got the experience. ;) Also, if you don't want people walking in, find somewhere more private to do it. Duh.

He obviously lives with his parents, and I'm assuming he was in his room with the door shut. That about as private as it's going to get. Is he supposed to hide in a closet or the shed to have sex?

Maybe he could've locked the door as well?

Hey, sometimes the best sex is closet sex.

Wow, I just posted a comment and afterward I saw it's almost exactly like yours.

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Maybe he shouldnt be having sex if he still lives with his parents(i'm assuming underaged).

No, you don't have to be 18 to have sex. I think 14 is the legal age to have sex with anyone under 18. And people can live at home past 18 always. plenty of university/college students that do.

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He lives in the U.S.A. It's illegal under 18.

105 the legal age is 16 in almost every state, look it up

You have to be 18 to legally have sex in the US? Sounds more like Nazi Germany than some free country.

Haha I agree. I think it's weird that 18 is the legal age and that anyone that doesn't adhere to that law is labeled a pedophile when less than a hundred years ago it was fine for 11 year olds to be married off.

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Socially fine, psychologically there were a lot of very screwed up 11 year olds. Rule of thumb: I find a majority of the time history should be something you learn from, not something you repeat.

If it were that simple I think he would have done it in the first place.

163, I don't think anyone is arguing for marrying off 11 year olds again. I think the commenter you're replying to was referring to the fact that it's completely neurotic that in the eyes of the law it's more okay for a 58 year old to have sex with an 18 year old than it is for an 18 year old to have sex with a 15 year old. And the fact that in one scenario the older party is labeled a sex offender/pedophile for the rest of his or her life. (Even more neurotic when the younger party has been known to lie about their age and say they're older than the age of consent, which is not a valid defense in a trial)

Hope you took his advice, your poor girlfriend!

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This is why nerds are better we try harder and are grateful afterwards :D

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By "awkwardly sliding out" you mean? That's great.

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Never mind. Sidling not sliding. Had to look that one up.

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If his dad was awkwardly sliding out of his girlfriend while he was (also?) having sex with her, there would be a whole bunch of questions. 1. Were they in their at the same time? 2. Does your dad always share sex with you? ...

No. "sidle" is to kinda shuffle,like a crab. His dad sidled out if the doorway.

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Wow that sure was witty and hilarious. Do you do parties as well?

Well let me know when you think of something witty.

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Lol woah guys, sorry to upset you.

Why not ACTUALLY put a witty comment? Your retarded, out some thought into it.

"Your retarded"? ROFL. You illiterate dipshits make it too easy, you really do.

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Let's not forget "out some thought into it"

Listen to the voice of experience. Just try to NOT think about when he used those moves in the past.

We have now found the result of your erection problems

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I think the Result of one's errection problems would be obvious, personally I'd be more interested in the Cause, but that's just me