By RetroDayDreamer - 10/09/2011 15:46 - United States

Today, my parents overheard me having sex with my girlfriend. They thought it would be funny to barge in with nothing but underwear on. This has happened twice now. FML
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Thats not funny tho.... Its jus sick

U should do the same thing when they have sex ;)

5 - Why would any person want to see their parents *******?

Why are you having sex at your parents' house with them there?

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That should give you a hint to stop having sex while your parents are at a 5 mile proximity. Parents live off their kid's embarrasment.

I always think YDI when any FML has to do with parents hearing you sexcapades.

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your girlfriend must find it amusing if this the 2nd time now and she's still with you >:D

what I can help but wonder is if they stopped when the parents came in... and if not, if the parents watched. ew.

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They sound pretty laid back I doubt that it will keep happening. But unless you are over the age of 19 why would you do that while they are there and where they can hear you?

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Aysian's boobies are showing too.

Why do your parents want to see you guys having sex.

69 - just put your boobs away, we know your starving for attention.

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It's always the young ones that rebel against their parents. Don't take them for granted. The more you know... :Ding:

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What would be funny is if they came in right as he orgasmed

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I honestly think them taking the time to put clothes on to burst in would be worse. be thankful OP

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Op obviously had a room, since the parents walked in it. Op needs to ; A- invest in a lock B- invest in a lock C- lock the ******* door

Age 19? Or did you mean 18? You are a legal consenting adult at 18

if your old enough to have sex with your girlfriend while your parents are there, you should be able to buy a lock for your door...

YDI for thinking this is an FML. You probably have the most relaxed parents I've ever heard of.

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if your parents have burst in on you having sex more than once youre clearly making no attempt to be discreet about it. get some ******* tact, your parents dont want to hear your bad performance. ydi.

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So ur mom walked in with nothing but underwear on?

no no the parents walked in on him *******, twice. wearing nothing but underwear

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Just be glad it wasn't a bondage kit....

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Next time ask them to join (; Lol just kidding.

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129, isnt that a little hypocritical considering your username??

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Some people would use a lock. I would recommend a bear trap.

I just want to point out to all the people saying he deserved it because of the noise that he might well not have been moaning and groaning the whole time - my bedroom is above the kitchen, we have thin walls, if my bed rocks they'd know, not that it's too awful because I'm old enough that they trust me and they love my boyfriend. They're fine with it happening in the house and all we have to do is try and make sure we don't move the bed too much

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I agree, me and my husband would probably do the same thing(x

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Your 16 and married? Or is that a future husband?

Is this the same dad that apoligized for walking in on his cheating son?

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That's actually pretty creepy... Not awesome

Really OP twice? You need to find a new place to have sex.

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Teach you to do what, stop populating the earth?

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Apparently not. It didn't teach him the first time.

See this is why no one likes you. Dumbass why would that teach him? At least his parents are being cool about it and not flipping a bitch.

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87, I find it amusing that your comment has been buried, and hers isn't... maybe nobody likes number 3, and maybe it was a stupid comment, but you don't have to be an ass about it!

Iknoweverything 29

Oh yeah, and 18 thumbs on 3's comment shows that you're wrong on both counts.

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Obvious troll is obvious (#87)

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." Does this work here? :P

The funny thing he still hasn't learned not to have sex while they're home

Oh wait does that mean u saw ur moms...........

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141 I thought he was gonna say "toes"

It's more of thet (please insert here) kinda thing

In the words of Sgt. Reznov: " They have tried before. Do not let them!" God, I need to get out more.

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Like the fist of stallin up your ass

Shit I hate when I comment and it doesn't show up on this iPhone and I end up putting two of the same comments. Luckily I get like 100 seconds to change it but can't delete it. Sucks.

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More like.... What the ****???

Your parents are kinda funny aha, but it sucks when your parents walk in on you :l

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Think it's time for a new location?

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Or op could try locking his bedroom door!

Or op could try locking his bedroom door!