By Anonymous - 10/09/2011 06:35 - United States

Today, I decided to formally introduce my girlfriend to my parents. My dad took the opportunity to apologize for walking in on us a few days ago while we were having sex. It wasn't her. Thanks dad. FML
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ImmaB3AST 7

You deserve that shit. fucking dumbass

McAninch35 9

Go dad.


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hellogoodbye1996 6

Don't be mad at your dad you cheating pug

WTSchool 0

Sounds like OP deserves a beating.

Fuck your life? More like fuck your girlfriend(s). Pun intended.

Lets all give OP a beating one at a time

indielove 13

You deserve it for being a cheater dumbass.

P.S. I like bananas

monkeys1315 0

Why would you cheat on your girlfriend in the first place? If I was her I'd be thankful your dad said something.

leadrunner751 3

your dad just fucking owned you. he knew it was another girl.

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That is soo your fault

D37H100 5

Ydi dipshit.

STFU STRO88!!!!!

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good thing he didnt know about the other 3 girlfriends u had in ur closet that day. Btw stro when will u gtfo of fml because it is obviously not working for u

tjv3 10

YDI You cheating asshole

you deserve it, badly.

Go fuck yourself OP your a douchebag

OP said "a couple days ago" and if you are going to "formally introduce" your girlfriend to your parents, you can safely assume they have been dating more than a few days

doogy15 11

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jumble 12

@#346 How are you going to get married if you're always cheating? A marriage is built on love and trust. If you're basically saying a girlfriend doesn't mean anything you'll never have either and never get married.

Doogy15...a little upset at the fact that he'll never have a gf

a_nutritionist 10

@346 words cant express how stupid you are. honestly, i wouldnt be surprised if it took you 8 hours to find where the reply button was. the fact that you even posted that message is a testament to the advances in teaching the mentally handicapped. tell your case worker i said congratulations on a job well done.


shut the he'll up

TokmPrincessHero 0

You totally deserved it!!!

lmfao 370.. that was the most epic "go fuck yourself" speech I've ive ever seen

lmngrl889 14

what a jerk u are! Smh

You are a douche. Op is a cheating asshole

IamMe95 5

WTF doody15 ??!? In honor of every female in the planet: suck a d*** and choke on it.

LMFAO @ #180

"Today, I introduced my girlfriend to my Parents. My Dad decided to "apologize" for seeing me cheat on her in my bedroom. Now my Sex life is Ruined and She never wants to speak to me again. Thanks Dad. FML" Op is a douchebag. >:(

From all of your comments that I've read, you seem like a gigantic asshole. Congratulations.

I second that

You an idiot for cheating on her in the first place asshole...

1- You're an idiot.

Princessx3Jamie 0

Raise of hands how many people who clicked YDI have cheated before.. probably a lot lol. hypocrites! OP YDI. FHL not yours.

*you're. I miss grammar...

ThatNutellaTho 6

shouldn't She Be Writing an Fml Then?-.-

ImmaB3AST 7

You deserve that shit. fucking dumbass

yougotapes 7


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I'm pretty sure if he wasn't cheating on her, he would mention that.

lakaiskate 12

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Why is 16 thumbed down? I actually had the same idea; OP had sex with some random chick, meets a girl the day after and they get in a relationship immediately. It's not entirely impossible, is it? And it would still be a FML, because the chance that his girlfriend wouldn't care about her partner having sex with random people (even if they were not together yet) is very small. Or he is just another cheating bastard in this world. Heck, I don't get it. If someone cheats because he/she is tired of the relationship/isn't in love anymore/wants better sex/...then I can understand it - eventhough it's still a cowardish thing to do. Be nice and respectful: end the relationship or communicate with your partner -, but cheating on someone who clearly is not long your girlfriend? Why did you even start a monogamous relationship if you start cheating immediately?

P1tchB14ck 6

It bothers me that op doesnt see why what he did is wrong

MissBoo101 0

Exactly it pisses me off when idiots like this get away with it. I Think that OP totally deserved it, if your in a relationship that you don't like anymore for some reason end it don't cheat it is hurtful and if my friend had a bf that tried to seduce me or Sometin I would tell every girl I know and screw him (not as in the sexually kind but disable from ever having sex with another girl in town)

elilucas55 0


If anything the girlfriend should be posting on fml about the loser she just broke up with or the dad posting fml because his son is a douche

KellyyM143 10


I don't know why cheats try to get remorse on FML it never works and rightly so, all cheaters are idiots.

Y did you even bother to introduce your gf to your parents cheater?

Arya1990 7

Agreed. This is such a YDI and OP can't recognize that fact....what are we becoming that some of us really can't see anything wrong with this? Fuck our lives!

ImmaB3AST 7

just wondering. is this the most thumbs up on a comment ever?

307 it's the most I've ever seen.

Hey, if he is bringing his girl for the first time, doesn't that mean they are new in a relationship? so the other girl was probably before they were together. think a little before you judge people

dumbass he deserved it

307 - No, I've seen 1047 thumbs up on the first comment of that FML of what op's grandpa would do if he was president. But this comment with over 800 thumbs up is close.

zuzupetalsYO 11

And why would your dad apoligize? You're both dumb asses!

ImmaB3AST 7

well it's over 1000 now.. soo

It's at 1126 now•••••••?

F you dude. f your gf life YDI

411 - I wanna see you comment get liked over 9000 times.

ImmaB3AST 7

thatd be raw as fuck

Bro I tottaly agree with you and some people in this worlddon't deserve half the things they have.. Its just sad

Woot most thumbs up

I know, right? :O OP is a Moron. 9_9

good41thing198 7

You're just gullible enough to buy my bullshit.

I love all your comments!(; you prove your point!!

loftislover 4

It said a couple of days ago, That means they would have just met, why would he bring her home to meet his parents if they haven't even been dating a while.

Holy_Schnikes 23

You don't formally introduce a girl to your parents unless you have been together for a little while. Obviously he was cheating or it wouldn't be a fml. If he wasn't cheating it would have said something like "Today, I introduced my new gf of a few days to my parents. My father quickly apologized for walking in on us while we had was another girl just before we started dating. FML"

This makes sense guys

Woowwwwww agreed you deserve that!! Cheating bastard!

Agreed! If you have someone already, how can you be so heartless and selfish?

My_Misery 0

I never understood why people get involved in a relationship but then decide to cheat. If you decide to take that next step and commit to being monogamous then you should ONLY be with them. Unless you two decide to make it an open relationship. If a person isn't ready to commit to being in a relationship and just wants to sleep around then don't fucking commit to one. By all means there's nothing wrong with just hooking up with people, as long as its mutual and there is no foul play. Anyone whoever cheats garners no sympathy in my book. If you aren't getting what you want out of that relationship then COMMUNICATE. If you still aren't getting what you want (within reason) out of the relationship, after trying to work it out then end the relationship by politely explaining its not working out for you and move on. The way the OP words this, he clearly believes cheating is okay just as long as he doesn't get caught. YDDI (You definitely deserve it)

DMarie2014 5

Not your dad's fault. Your fault you were having sex with another girl

inkdeath87 18

You are a dumbass cheater! I hope she kicked your ass!

I agree. The OP is a fuckwad...

this comment has the most thumbs up i have ever seen on here

McAninch35 9

Go dad.

OP is a manwhore and deserves to be treated like one.

indielove 13

I bet OP's dad did that on purpose

If he did, then that dad is amazing. Nothing like a good soul to prevent fucktards like OP from screwing up other's lives.

Oh its just cheating! Nothing wrong with that, they just bitches.

eharmonee 0

Fuck u 142

142 has never had a girlfriend and never will.

169: +1 for unintentional rhyming!

142 your lucky I don't know you, or else I'd punch your fragging face in.

OPs dad deserves a medal and OP deserves to be neutered. And 142. You're a dumbass.

OP's dad is awesome, indeed!

I hope for your sake you were joking. Cheating is WRONG and women aren't bitches. Grow a pair bud and take your head out of your ass.

Pebbles89 9

doesn't anyone realize that #142 is a fucking troll? a failed one at that haha?

Maybe she isn't the one if you can't remain faithful to her and you shouldn't have introduced her to your folks. You totally deserve.

Definitely deserve it. Your poor gf for finding out like that. Were you ever planning on telling her? Jerk.

I don't think anyone who is cheating plans to tell their girlfriend/boyfriend

enonymous 8

It took a while but I finally broke down and told my right hand what had happened with my left hand at the new years eve party. I didn't get any for months...

If I cheated I'd break down an tell my boyfriend. Thats just how I am. I don't like keeping things like that. A guy sent me really sexual texts and I didn't know how to stop it...I told my (at the time) bf all about the texts and how I didn't do anything back but I felt guilty for not stopping it. It was just awkward.

Enomymous- Did you get the clap?

Maybe you wouldn't say anything, but we'll find out eventually by how they're acting...karmas a bitch


Prove it

I wish karma really did something soon because all these asshole guys are making the rest of us look bad. Seems that women gravitate to douche bags

yazmi_09 3

119 I see what you did

good41thing198 7

And so are you

Nice guys generally don't take the chance and put themselves out there for us nice girls to see! Bad guys do and that's why girls tend to go for them. Lucky my nice guy took his chance on me :-D

pottymouthpanda 0

ydi cheaterr.

hannahcorrine 0

Wow. I feel bad for the girl. Imagine how awkward it was for her.

Yeah, F HER life. OP just got what he deserved.

Xxgreenbug29xX 5

We have the same birthday! xD Sorry, I just had to say it. xP

Yeah your dad probably did it on purpose because he knew you were a cheating asshole. He was actually apologizing for raising such a prick.

trackstar132 4

Hellz yeah

Why_me499 21

#58 love your icon. And totally agree with #9. I think people that cheat in a relationship are the worst in the world. my first bf cheated on me with an unattractive underage girl. on our one "monthaversary" then dumped me via text the next morning. almost made me completely give up on guys at that point.

*slow clap* perfection.

You idiot. You deserve that shit. I hope she dumped your ass.

Maybe if you weren't a cheating asshole this wouldn't happen :-)

He doesn't see what's wrong with cheating too! He is such a douchebag who deserves it!