By carpetoops - 21/06/2009 16:20 - United Kingdom

Today, I spilt purple washing detergent all over my white carpet. Desperate to get it up I grabbed a blue towel and started mopping it up. The detergent hasn't stained the carpet at all, the blue dye from the towel has. FML
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A detergent that stains would be pretty ineffective... Lol That sucks, though.

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Put some food coloring on it and make it a rainbow?


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haha man thats a blowout. one time i did spilt grape soda on a white rug and then i spilt milk on it to think it would make it fixed. now it smells like vomit.

Are you serious? Milk doesn't stain things white. It just is white. WTF. YDI the vomit smelling carpet. Did you not then shampoo it out (using carpet shampoo and a wet vac)?

That has to be the stupidest thing I've ever read.

@ OP : You're missing a comma. Things like that bug me xP

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The OP also used the word "spilt". God why can't people learn to speak english? The past participle of spill is "spilled". "Spilt" is not a word.

Actually, both are valid. Personally, spilt sounds to my ears like what a Brit would say, and since the OP is from the U.K. that makes sense.

It is a word, recognized by all modern dictionaries. If you're going to be a grammer nazi, at least be right about it. Also OP, there's a reason you can use detergent on your clothes and not have it stain; the colour simply dissolves.

Seriously! Why would you think DETERGENT would stain something? Oh, and yeah, #87, you're an idiot. It's not that hard to look a word up before you go saying it isn't a word.

Milk, really? Damn milk does nothing with the color, just the smell.Talk about spoiled milk stench. Ewww. Maybe you should have thrown it out before you got a hint of the smell at all. I agree with you #101.


wow u have no friends grammar nerd

I spilled half a can of black paint on my carpet. I made it into a flower design.

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Abstract :P Should have used a white towel. Taking time to think things over before acting helps!

Especially since detergent, whether for dishes, clothing, or whatever ("washing detergent" isn't very clear) doesn't stain things unless you just never wash it off... and then it's not a stain so much as you having detergent left on your carpet. If it was for clothing, SUPER YDI since you should know it is intended for cloth and doesn't stain it.

If she was afraid it would stain her white carpet, she was probably also afraid it would stain a white towel. Hence, she used a darker towel, which she didn't realize would stain the carpet worse than the detergent.

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Put some food coloring on it and make it a rainbow?

Dang, that really sucks. I hate it when I try to fix something desperately only to find out I just made it worse, lol. Hopefully it'll come out.

A detergent that stains would be pretty ineffective... Lol That sucks, though.

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yeah thats what I was thinking; why would you use a degertent that stains things!!!!!!!!! ITS FOR WASHING CLOTHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It says "washing detergent" which is the stuff you was clothes with...

I've yet to see a spill on here happen to a fabric that isn't white. I don't get it. You'd think at some point someone would find it just as bad that they spilled red juice on a light blue carpet or something. Anyway, it's your fault for not realizing that laundry detergent cleans whites without discoloring them. It's only plastered all over the ads and packaging.

It could have been dish detergent. Sometimes I'll spill some on my clothes while I'm washing the dishes and it stains just like anything else if you don't get it out right away.