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Today, Dell's tech support called to tell me that the laptop I sent to them was going to cost an extra $300 to fix, because of the shattered screen. When I mailed my laptop to them, the touchpad wasn't working. The screen was fine. FML
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So many things wrong with Dell. I think I'll add this to my list of reasons.


that is sad...being a computer nerd that fixes computer DAILY, a screen costs no more than $60, and a touchpad $15. Dell's are actually designed well, so it'd take an hour to replace both. i feel sorry for you OP, cause you don't know someone nearby like me ;)

Ouch I suppose you didn't extend the warranty?

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I hope you sent it insured. Also Dell support has gone down hill. I have purchased over 175,000.00$ worth of equipment for my company and the service I get is sub par to say the least

Yeah use FedEx so they can just toss your package over a fence.. Refer to video.

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Ups got caught doing it too..

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i saw that video! Fedex and UPS both suck

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Eh, I'd take that than getting said package lost on a stranded island with some guy and a volleyball. :3

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27, Usually a decent screen would be MINIMUM $60. Not "no more then 60" as you said. Anything cheaper than that would most likely be of very poor quality and you would end up having to get another screen within a year. By the way, I've replaced screens on many dells (as well as other brands) and considering all my practice, it usually takes no more than half an hour to fully replace a screen.

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(Continued) Touch pads are relatively easy to replace and would take no more than 10 minutes.

yeah i agree. i guess i have to consider that not everyone has hookups like i do...i get screens for around $45

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Dell is the worst kind of laptop/computer you can get. Within 3 days, mine started leaking fluid from the monitor. When I called them, they told me it was the shippers fault, when I called the shipper, they said it was Dells fault. I called Dells customer service line and was basically told to go **** myself. $1200 down the drain.

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Dell used to be good. Now they are as cheap as the rest of them. Acer is a crap shoot, and hp is a bundle of shit. So is compaq now hp owns them. A shame since compaq used to be awesome. My 486 from them survived so much crap I threw at it.. Still runs too! Now apple is the only good computer, unless you want to shell out for Alienware. :/ leaking fluid though? That is absolutely a manufacturing error. The old dell would of replaced it no issue.

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63 I'm giving u an upvote for your comment and picture

because mac's have invincible screens -.- i bet if it was a Mac screen that broke, it would cost $700 to fix instead of $300

Always take a picture before you send it for proof

Dammit, 2, has FML declared war on question marks??????

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No, it actually looks more like you stole theirs. :P

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Dunno who you were replying to about Mac screens but I will say this much... They cost more, but it's worth it for the customer service! Apple has done free estimates for hardware issues, replaced a computer outside of the exchange period because they felt it was defective, and even tried to find me freeware to replace a program I needed that wouldn't run on lion. I've delt with other companies for years and apple is absolutely #1 in service.

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I replaced a Mac screen for less than $100

All companies give ass service outside of USA and their respective countries (if different). **** everyone.

So many things wrong with Dell. I think I'll add this to my list of reasons.

It's Dell's fault that shipping companies hire unskilled labor that doesn't care what's in your package?

11- I didn't realise you needed skills to work in shipping companies.

It takes a bloody lot of skill. Santa doesn't get employ of the month for December by slacking off.

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I personally prefer HP and Lenovo.

Seconded. I will never buy Dell again.

Seconded. I will never buy Dell again.

damn shipping companies have no respect for they're customers

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They really don't I worked for DHL for 4 years it is awful what get done to the packages! Kicked, dropped, smashed, shredded!!!!

100 - HP does make nice computers, but they're a NIGHTMARE to work on (their laptops) they make it difficult so that you'll send it in to them to fix

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"[They] have no respect, for they are customers." Ever waited tables?

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Okay I see there are Mac haters here :p apple has always been good to me, thats all I'm saying


Its a shipping problem. Apple charges for cracked screens too. I sent my iPhone in because the lock button stopped working and they said if there was water damage or the screen was cracked there would be a $649 charge. It's not mac haters. Its mac fanboy haters

That's true 25 and 26 that's not true so stop just assuming things...not all teenage girls are Facebook robots

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26- that's not all I use it for! I also use it for YouTube.

not a fan of paying $2000 for the same specs i could build for $400. since you're going to hate me for saying that, we came as roman's kicks ass and they are something fierce (true story)

@56/Pentium - I was about to reply saying the exact same thing. I'm also not a fan of the super proprietariness where if I want ONE thing upgraded I have to go out and buy a whole new set up. The kind of Mac fanboys I hate? "Oh, I don't need a Mac, I just like how they look better, I could NEVER get a PC again." Me: ...seriously? You're going to drop hundreds if not thousands of dollars more on a set up just because it's white with soft corners? Weren't you the girl laughing and scoffing at women who buy Coach bags? If you want a Mac, go for it, just don't try to convince someone who actually knows a few things about computers that they are an amazing deal or worth the money dropped on it.

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-28 And ****, can't forget ****.

#25.. Bummer. I cracked the hell out of my screen and went to get it repaired.. They did it for free. They've also replaced 3 of my kids iPods.. Due to things like cracked screens and such. Love that company and all their products.

6 - I don't get why some people want to spend over $1000 for a machine whose specs are nowhere near where they should be for that price, and can do the exact same things as a PC. Even less.

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There's always someone saying that anytime anyone has any problem with any PC. People seem to be forgetting that unlike Macs, they're not all made the same. "Shouldn't have gotten a Dell" is the only thing that applies here. As for myself, HP makes my favorite computers.

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If Mac would ever release their architecture technology, they could make so much more money by having independent repair shops..... But since they are anal, they will never be what Steve Jobs hoped they would be

66, macs are good for watching ****, they're almost impossible to keylog/RAT

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But macs are hella expensive. I cant afford A mac. :(

112 - You can afford a $600 PC laptop that can do more than a Mac can, though.

I personally much prefer the Mac software. PC software seems so unnecessarily more difficult than it needs to be at times. I generally waste more time troubleshooting programs and the computer than using it. Mac, if there's a problem, easily fixed most of the time. And best support. So to me, the money's worth it. Thats me, I ain't trying to convince anyone.

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I use mine for WoW. Better than the Windows machine that kept blue screening, or the one that would run it at 15 fps...

145 - Operating systems aren't the reason why a computer will run a game at a low frame rate. The actual specs of the computer determine whether a game runs like crap or not.

#67 Yay for **** and with an iPod I don't get viruses.

166 - Fanboyism at its' worst...We're talking about Macs & PC's. iPods are mobile devices and can't be compared to personal computers.

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I'd rather go through dell. Bestbuy charges insane prices and they would also ship it to dell... Been there done that. Not worth it. Sorry that happens OP!

best buy does not hesitate to bend you over and violate you royally, with a smile on their face.

I thought your post said 'I'd rather go through hell'. LOLOL

Petobear works at best buy? Thanks for the heads up.

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KiddNYC1O 20

I guess nobody's seen United breaks guitars on YouTube.

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Try using bubble wrap next time (if you can get it). Otherwise, you could have stuffed it with other meaningless filler material.