By Anonymous - 13/01/2012 00:59 - United States

Today, my mother called me a "wasteful child" because I threw up my lunch. FML
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Twice the taste, none of the calories.

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Does she call you a wasteful child every time you drop a deuce?


Twice the taste, none of the calories.

You BURNED tha comment. In a good way. PWNAGE

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How dare he post a comment that's already been mentioned on the internet. Shoulda went with the "that sucks" comment to maintain originality.

Ajnero could you plase suicide ? Once in your misareble life do something good to world by just dying without causing more damage

Shut up. You suck. Stop posting spam, dumbass.

bamagrl410 31

8 is either confused or insane... lol Not sure if OP is bulimic or just sick. Either way, FYL

You totally ripped off Cyanide & Happiness.

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xXxIracebethxXx 14

Ooh, I insult people on the Internet to overcome my insecurities.

My life be like ooohh ahhhhhh! Ohhhhh! If OP's mom sucks, ask her to suck up the vomit as well then!

that1guyyy - I think that's kind of the point of the FML comments section.

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Yah. I'm guessing youre the guy on the left of your pic!

well yeah, you shouldn't just throw lunch for example, on top of your roof....very wasteful

Airman1988 9

your comments appear to be failing across the spectrum on every fml tonight.

i'm drunk, i don't even know what's going on

xXxIracebethxXx 14

It's okay, #4. For some reason, I laughed at your comment.

it seemed like a good comment at the time :/ now my .2 BAC says otherwise...

Meh, everyone has bad comments sometimes, though I've never made a comment while drunk, o1 ever gotten drunk for the matter. Keep commenting while drunk, it will bring laughs to some people...

i admit, it was a terrible comment and i'm ashamed of myself. unfortunately, i'm drunk every night. but i hope i can bring some laughs...nothing better to do

I swear to god I'm not drunk! See? I told you so! Now get the face out of my ****!

Maybe you should fml more than you comment. Eg: today, like every other day I got drunk and commented on fml because I never have anything else better to do. Fml Don't blame your fake drunkness on your stupidity.

oh i still go to work and get a paycheck. and thank you for calling my drunkess fake, because you know me so well

DCFan 9

For a .2 BAC, you sure are functioning pretty well as far as your AWESOME excuses and typing on the computer/smartphone. Not to mention your grammer! Bravo good sir! Your the most sober .2 BAC "waisted", "drunk", "faded", "shit-faced" person I've ever met! Will you drive me home?

yeah i guess i was exaggerating. whatever 9 tall boys gets you to. it's not that hard to keep grammar and spelling while drinking, didn't we learn stuff like that in 2nd/3rd grade? and when you're drunk you can act that old ;)

do what you can man that is all we ask

46 - But putting your face in the **** is so much fun sometimes!

It's not that hard to have good grammar while you're drinking - you just have to think really hard and type really slow.

ashleykay94 7

You should've mailed it to the starving children in Africa.

ashleykay94 7

You should've mailed it to the starving children in Africa.

Did you eat it again? Then she has no reason to complain ;)

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9- would you please tell me what's the name Of the creature in your picture?

Eat it again. See if it still tastes good.

You like stomach acids also?? I thought i was just the weird one..

zingline89 18

Does she call you a wasteful child every time you drop a deuce?

tell her she's wasteful the next time she takes a crap

clanon 4

Ppsshhhhh! Moms, you could never make them proud ._.

Let's just blame her cooking and get it over with. Call her wasteful for making something bad enough to make you puke. I rest my case.