By IceMage - / Monday 18 January 2010 00:57 / United States
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  Clare420  |  0

haha. this happened too me. expect I was babysitting and they came home from the bar early but they were drunk and my dad loves my bf so they didn't care(:
yay for stoner parents!!

By  orph_the_d  |  5

Stupid much? I'd ask you wtf you were thinking but that's fairly obvious. Still, FYL for being stupid enough to flush future bootie calls right down the ol drain.

By  blrkingjames  |  0

oh wow.. very nicely planned out. I can see how it happened. mom and dad walks out the door gets to the driveway and the kids are in the shower.. oh wait moms coming back. nice job. lol fyl..

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