By FML - 12/08/2010 16:19 - Canada

Today, my girlfriend's mom and dad walked in on us while we were playing naked twister. FML
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Raleigh_bruh 7

I'm pretty sure everyone wins when playing naked twister.


coolster56 0

woah comment moderated already that's mega fast

sports_chika 0
samantha987 0

ooooh fun! just like the mattress mambo!!

samantha987 0

ew 17 that'd be extremely weird.

I agree. why not invite them?? "hey mr and mrs Jones (?), would you care to join us as we play naked twister ever-so-sexually?"

greg1234567890_fml 2
bigblue95 0

was it the erotic version of teister. left boob green. right testie red

samantha987 0

Well YDI for not owning your own place and instead have to hang out with your gf in her parents' house. WTH are you thinking? :(

cloverpi314 4

bahahahahaha!!!! thts hilarious!

naked yeah. don't expect to be visiting your girlfriends house again anytime soon.

KiddNYC1O 20

I don't think anyone has ever actually finished a game of twister naked without first submitting to sex

Brittney_E 0

well, you were wearing socks right? :D

I'd you're both lesbian girls otherwise ewwwww

zach55 0

then they started playing right??

amerrah 4

36, who says he's old enough to own his own place. Their probably teenagers/ young adults. especially if they own twister.

haha i've played that back in the day

moosem 0

#22 I agree with you that would be weird and disgusting

BallinJ 0

did they get naked and join in while her mom was licking your nuts?

livelaughlove22 0

what an awesome twist in the game lol

ProBakes 0
cmastabackhand 0

yessss!!! you are a champ!!! ftw!

JustJess666 0

who plays that for real??? come on just **** and get rid if the game!! btw 30 that was funny too bad there's no brown dot for the ass!! lol sorry

linebacker42 0

lol don't expect a GF to much longer

pwincessa23 1

I have! it was such a turn on

pwincessa23 1
hockeydudeinator 6

ydi for playing a game with the word "naked" in the title anywhere near parents in general.

oakhan34 0

hahahahaha 30 that made my day 2!

Did she spin his dick or the little arrow

melliemoo17 6

they make an erotic version?!

Now I look back at all those times I played twister with my cousins and shudder

OwN3d3d 0

HAHHAHAHA who won LOL imagine they walk in & the girl screams & OP is like I WIN!! hahaa wow crazy people these days lol

Raleigh_bruh 7

I'm pretty sure everyone wins when playing naked twister.

ohsnapp823 0
eggjuggler 0

45 is correct. There are no losers in naked twister. Prizes for all! =D

JustJess666 0

unless a fat man with hair everywhere is playing with you..... ewww ultra lose!

softball_chick6 0

lmfao that's hilarious sucks for you

xman4396 0

tht totally sux. but I think I gotta try tht op thnx for the idea

porro182 0

75 sucks for him but ita a good way to spice up sex

whaooooo fun fun i love playing twister with my friends its good for lesbian action!

honeycream 0

Rihanna looks horrrrrible in ur pic man!!

is 18 a real person? it looks like a robot haha

hellokittywhore 0

hahaha!!! I'm not a robot!!! D: why do I look like one??????

ya I thought u were like a manikin haha

hellokittywhore 0

And I am not an IT!!! I am a human being!!! not a robot xDD hehe

hellokittywhore 0

is that a good thing? how many manikins have snakebites and blonde roots? lol

haha u have a point I guess they don't make emo manikins

hellokittywhore 0
honeycream 0
KiddNYC1O 20

that pic is clearly Rihanna, poser, and she isn't even hot

aru9 0

lmaooooooooo... but seriously op you got a twisted mind I agree...

Well they were playing twister..pun intended.