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  \  |  28

Logic sensors overloaded. Perform immediate calibration to avoid shutdown

By  ntd309  |  14

3 weeks?!? I could imagine this to be true if you've been together all your lives... but 3 weeks!?!? Definitely arrange a wedding in a psych ward and then cancel the wedding when she gets an in-patient room!

By  SS99_fml  |  20

Marry her with a pre-nuptial agreement then divorce her :) Then you guys won't be married and she has to live up to her promise since you DID marry her at one point...I'm taking this too far

By  ViviMage  |  38

Walk away. That's way too soon to make that demand, and no one should kill themselves over love anyway!

By  cass99  |  11

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  ottokat  |  15

Angry Sailor, I have never seen a non-offensive comment from you yet. #12, it is highly unrecommendable to marry someone after three weeks together, much less if they threaten suicide should you not do what they want. She is clearly mentally unstable and needs help.