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Today, my girlfriend of 3 weeks gave me an ultimatum: marry her, or she kills herself. FML
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Who else hates it when you accidentally hit the "you deserve it" button


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Since we are all agreeing, I agree.

KinkyCurly 13

I double agree to the agreeing

I disagree with the agreement that we all agree not to agree.

wowthatsucks5 8

Today, I told my boyfriend of three weeks he needed to marry me or else I'll kill myself. He didn't propose. Now what? FML.

flockz 19

i agree that we should all agree to agreeing to agreements.

word for word what I was going to say. Ha!

95- The only time I've ever seen this comment and appreciated it.

So I think we all agree that we are to agree with the agreement of agreeing?

nurchok 15

Whatever it is, count me in :)

\ 28

Logic sensors overloaded. Perform immediate calibration to avoid shutdown

I'm agreeing with all of you so hard right now. Except for #186. Screw you, #186.

I must follow the heard, I agree... but why!?!

#186 there is NO disagreeing here. You must join the Agree Chain now...or you will be fed to OP's crazy gf for dinner.

right!, guess she wants a cheap ring.

Bury the disagree-er (and yes before I get done for grammar, I know that's not a word). :)

SwaggCapone 11

Well either way you look at it you'll still have somewhere to go

I agree with the people who are agreeing to agree to people who are agreeing with the first post

I agree with the agreement on agreeing after we agreed to agree

He just needs to think of her ultimatum as a time limit to convince her to add him to her will.

I have now read "agree" so many times, it doesn't sound like a real word anymore.

I agree with #269. I've counted 34 agrees, agreements on this thread.

Can you say Baker Act and move quickly, very quickly

269- I agree that the word 'agree' is no longer agreeable.

I agree that we should all agree and agree on it once more by agreeing

Yeah, you need to get outta there as fast as you can..

She's bad news mmkay! Run as fast you can mmkay.

And then she cuts herself in the stomach and all ger guts pops out

ILoveMyArm 15

Yay self-imposed disembowlment!

3 weeks?!? I could imagine this to be true if you've been together all your lives... but 3 weeks!?!? Definitely arrange a wedding in a psych ward and then cancel the wedding when she gets an in-patient room!

Goblin182 26

A normal person wouldn't give a "marry me or I kill myself" ultimatum even after years of being together.

104 is right. Threatening suicide like that is actually considered abuse in a relationship. Call a counselor and call 911.

Marry her with a pre-nuptial agreement then divorce her :) Then you guys won't be married and she has to live up to her promise since you DID marry her at one point...I'm taking this too far

#8, now that I think about it . that would really work! nice thinking (:

AtomicDiamond87 15

Wouldn't that just make her even more psycho? Lol she already is but that's plain crazy. If he tried to divorce her she's probably threaten to kill him.

smc3106 25

Marry her? Lol. Shit just got serious. (-_-)

TheyCallMePB 9

Or you could annul the marriage

Who else hates it when you accidentally hit the "you deserve it" button

#9, I thought I was the only one who did that! lol

I'm thinking as of right now 825 other people do that because I don't see how OP deserves this.

imtooshy 18

Me too! I just hit the wrong one by accident as well.

Ok FML staff, you gave us a timer to edit our comments, how about a timer to edit our thumbs???

gavagoul 10

I really hate when someone makes a FML and they don't even deserve it, yet it's in the thousands. Like always.

The1CalledGOAT 11

I hit the ydi button all the time by accident. On another note, #130 and I have very similar usernames.

I'm excited to see what happens if OP doesn't marry her. Run to the hills! Run for your- and probably not the psycho's life!

TheDoctor10 28

Was that meant as an iron maiden reference?

ViviMage 38

Walk away. That's way too soon to make that demand, and no one should kill themselves over love anyway!

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Zimmington 21

No one gives a **** about Khloe and Lamar. *well and learn to use your space bar properly.

I'm starting to think #12 is OP's girlfriend :D

Yes, because everyone should base their decisions off the Kardashians.

hcollins1 18

Am I the only one that doesn't know or even care which one Kloe is?

Could be worse. She could base it off Bobby & Whitney

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

12--ignore certain assholes on this thread. ok then. .have a nice day! :))

don't worry, we ignore your comments first and foremost. :)

I feel VERY sorry for whoever you end up with...

What the **** did I just read there #12? Go run with scissors now, cuz you know, like YOLO

Angry Sailor, I have never seen a non-offensive comment from you yet. #12, it is highly unrecommendable to marry someone after three weeks together, much less if they threaten suicide should you not do what they want. She is clearly mentally unstable and needs help.

Well I chose my user name for a reason #243.

#38 I love how your profile picture matches your comment.

This has got to be the dumbest comment I have ever read.